And you thought there is never a girl online?

And you thought there is never a girl online?There is a common conception that girls never play online games, but that isn’t always the case. In And you thought there is never a girl online? we follow a group of teens as they trudge through school and net games together. That isn’t all however, as one in particular has some…. issues concerning her perception of reality and game. Seeing this as a major ticking bomb, the other three decide to bring her over, and show her the fun and happiness one can obtain outside a net game.


We follow Russian on the online game Legendary Age, along with his fellow guild mates in Alley Cats. These others are Ako, Schwein, and Master, the guild leader. Russian and Ako are married, but only in-game as they’ve never met in real life before. This is to change, however, as Master arranges a real life meeting between the members of their guild. To their surprise, everyone attends the same school, beginning their new friendship. However, something is quickly discovered of Ako which makes the others unnerved. This is that Ako does not see the boundaries between game and reality, making her act as though she and Russian really are married. To solve this, Russian and the others resolve to show Ako the beauty and fun of reality, making the foundations for the Net GameĀ  Club. Together, they aim to have fun not only online, but in real life as well.


Russian, or Hideki Nishimura, is a high school student, and net game player. He is an open Otaku, and loves to talk about anime and net games with classmates. This however gets him at odds with Akane, as she despises otaku culture and often ridicules him. Despite how he may bad talk Ako at times, Russian does care for her and enjoys her company. He has romantic feelings for her, but doesn’t like how she obsesses with the game him, and not the real him. As such, he makes it his mission to convince Ako that real life is different than the real world, and that it can be just as fun outside with everyone, as it is in-game.

Russian’s in-game avatar, after feeling betrayed by Nekohime-san.

Ako, or Ako Tamaki, is Russian’s possible girlfriend, and his in-game wife. She is extremely faithful to Russian, which at times creeps the others out due to her dedication. This dedication even makes her attack Neko hime due to her declining Russians’ marriage offer. Ako is a ‘shut in’ in real life due to her love for games, and before the others appeared, Ako had no friends. She has an extreme hate for ‘normies’ due to their easiness in life. In fact every time something involving normies is mentioned, Ako will go into a trance and berate them until being shaken back to reality. In Legendary Age, Ako is an extremely bad healer who often wanders around and fails to heal the tank, letting him die often. She values appearance over ability with her gear, making the others angry at her choice.

Ako would be kicked from any competent group.

Schwein, or Akane Segawa, was initially only an acquaintance of Russian due to being in the same class. She has a violent relationship with him, as both often bicker in class due to Russians’ otaku talk. This outward aggression is due to her wanting a “perfect” high school experience, and wanting nothing to do with otaku stuff in real life. This obviously is quite the contrast from her real self, which loves net games and declined a confession in order to keep playing Legendary Age. Schwein is a true game otaku, though she doesn’t like to be told that.

Akane going out of character on Legendary Age.

Master, or Kyou Goshouin, is the Student Council President of the school. She is also the guild master of Alley Cats, and the President of the Net Game Club. Born into a wealthy family, Master has managed to get a head start financially, allowing her to become a ‘wallet warrior’ in Legendary Age. Like Ako, Kyou didn’t have any friends other than those in Legendary Age, though for other reasons. Kyou’s parents keep her social life on watch, and only allow her to play net games. Due to this, she has a similar view as Ako on ‘normies’, often showing crazed eyes when talking of them.

Kyouh is quite the crazy woman at times.

Art, Animation and Voice Acting

The Art is good, and with the character designer being Hisasi, you won’t be disappointed in the characters. However, If you don’t like pudgy looking characters, you may dislike the designs a bit. Don’t fret though, as at least the Animation is good, with not a large amount of quality drops. When they do happen, I’ve had to take a step back in order to notice it. If you enjoy the series, then you won’t notice them that often as well.

As ‘And you thought there is never a girl online?’ is here in the USA, there’s both an Japanese version and an English version. And to be honest, the English version is kinda nice. The characters talk more in net speak when involving Legendary Age, which makes seem more like gaming nerds than the Japanese version. They also manage to sneak in some hilarious statements giving the series a much needed extra amount of comedy.

The Japanese version of ‘ And you thought there is never a girl online?’ however, makes the characters sound cute and sweet. While i personally enjoy their voice acting, it does mellow down the concept of a gaming nerd we have here in America. Also, regarding Neko hime, it sounds better with her ‘Nya’ ending, and not the ‘Meow’ ending. The noises the characters make when suddenly faced with reality is also something the Japanese got right. The best examples being Akane when realizing her friend was playing Legendary Age.

Overall Thoughts

The series is a fun slice of life anime, with the nice twist of gaming scenes. They don’t use much net speak, so non gamers will be able to understand most of what they say. To be honest, I enjoyed the game scenes more than the school scenes in this series. Sadly though, it didn’t take as much screen time as I hoped. On the other side, I also enjoyed their net game talks outside the series as they passionately talked of the game just like real people do.

‘And you thought there is never a girl online?’ is available on Funimation for streaming with both English and Japanese dubs! It’s also available on Amazon, if you’d like to own it yourself.

I’ll see you guys next time!

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