Granblue Fantasy – Preview

Based off the phone app Granblue Fantasy produced by Cygames, and animated by Aniplex we head of to the mysterious world of Granblue Fantasy.  Here, magic, astral beings and other mythical creatures exist. This mysterious world has no known shape, as everyone lives on different islands which float in the air. In order to get around anywhere you’ll need a flying ship and crew, so it’s not for the feint of heart. Regardless, there are those who dare trek out into the sky, to find answers. We follow such people, whom roam the sky looking for answers none know, but that they want nonetheless.


We begin in a airship with two girls, a young blue haired girl and a older brown haired woman, running from the guards. With both suddenly besieged by guards on all sides, a sudden explosion knocks the young girl away. As she fall from the ship, the story begins as a young boy see’s a radiant light fall from the sky, deciding to find that source.

Here’s the Trailer for the first 2 episodes, and a little of the next parts coming this April!

The boy who sees this happen is none other than Gran, a young lad whom helps around the village. Curious of what exactly fell, Gran and his partner Vyrn go into the forest. After wandering deeply into the forest they discover the young girl, unconscious from the fall but unharmed.

The world of Granblue Fantasy. People live on islands such as this one that float in the sky.


Gran is a young boy from the village on the first island we see. He is a kind hearted person, and helps anyone who needs it. After meeting Lyria, he instantly decided to help her, and raised his sword against the imperial scouts. He is skilled in sword combat, and is able to take on Imperial guards alone. Gran is also capable of deflecting incoming crossbow bolts.

Despite being fatally injured in battle trying to help Lyria, and the subsequent restrictions on his life,Gran holds only himself accountable. Gran doesn’t blame Lyria or Katalina for this, stating it was his choice to help, and his alone to reach out to Lyria. After getting some rest, Gran decides to follow Lyria and Katalina, hoping to see the world together.

Gran and Vyrn searching the forest together.

Vyrn is Gran’s helper, and tags alongside him. Often called a lizard, he profusely denies such accusations, stating he’s no lizard. Vyrn has faith in Gran, and trusts his words and actions.

Lyria is a mysterious young girl. Nothing is known about her besides the fact that she was experimented on by the Imperial Empire. Lyeria herself does not know who or what she is, nor why she has the power of the Astral beings. Her mysterious power even had the ability to fuse half of her life force with Gran, saving him from death. She is genuenly happy when Gran awakens from his stroke with death.

Lyria, prepared to take responsibility for Gran’s injuries.


Katalina Alize was a lieutenant of the Empire, who was in charge of Lyria. Her mission was to keep Lyria under strict surveillance, but after seeing her emotionless and inhuman, Katalina decided to help her escape. Katalina is extremely skilled with her sword, as she is able to deflect multiple crossbow shots without missing a single one. She is also cabable at magic, using a frost spell to freeze the soldier’s feet to the ground, immobilizing them. She apologizes to the villagers for involving them and Gran with their problem.

Katalina showing her sweet and exceptional sword skills.

There are more characters crucial to the story which have yet to be introduced. These are Io Euclase, Eugen, Rakam and Rossetta. The antagonist as well, has yet to make their appearance. However, due to there only being two episodes as of now, their only screen time is in the opening and endings. Do keep in mind though that they are important to the story, so they’re not any simple supporting characters.

Art, Animation and Voice Acting

Granblue Fantasy sports the most detailed background art of the season, and even most anime overall. The art style of the background reminds me of older style anime as well. This may be because the art looks as though it was painted by brush, allowing the colors to flow and transition together. To top it all off, the art style for the characters stays true to the original game, adding a look of uniqueness. The characters have amazing detail and their clothing receive the same attention. The Voice acting is true to the game, which i think is perfect. Gran was the only one who didn’t have a voice actor in the original game, but I think they did a good job nonetheless.

The background art. So beautiful.

The main, and to me only negative is with the Primal beasts. They aren’t drawn like the other characters, instead being rendered using 3D. This sudden change from 2D to 3D is sudden and off putting to me. On the other hand, while it is off putting that they used 3D animations for the Primal beasts, they do have high quality models. At least its better than most other 3D anime, and there’s some truly horrible 3D out there.

Thoughts on Series

Overall, Granblue Fantasy was amazing. The art and animations where not what i expected from a video game animation. and a smartphone at that. The fact that they stuck with the same art theme as the game is a big plus. I do hope they don’t smash the story to fit only 12 episodes, as there’s plenty of material for 24 episodes. crushing the story will have a huge negative impact on the series, and I definitely won’t like it.

The characters are just as I expected from the game. Gran is kind and willing to help those in need, even if he doesn’t get anything out of it. Lyria is mysterious, but also kind and caring. Despite her horrible treatment by the Imperials, Lyria doesn’t show any hostility toward them, instead being fearful if anything. Katalina is also as i imagined, as while she is kind and protective to those she cares about, she won’t hesitate to stop anyone who may bring them harm. Even if she must use physical force. Vyrn is like usual, chilling on the side.

I’m going to do a review again this April when it continues on, as these two episodes are only the start. If you can’t wait for April though, go ahead and download the game! it’s free and you can play it on your PC. Just download/run Chrome, go to Granblue Fantasy’s official English web page and click on links. It’ll guide you on installation, but you will need some extra help with the account creation as it’s all in Japanese. Luckily there’s an official English forum which can guide you through it. I don’t understand why, but at least the game itself fully supports English text.

BTW, This annoying guy’s sticking around for awhile.

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