High School DxD Season 1

In a world where Heaven and Hell exist and intermingle in the human world, we head on to the world of High School DxD. Here, Devils exist as well as Angels and Fallen Angels. All three where once in a great war long ago, which ended with none winning. They where not alone, however, as other mythical creatures exist in this world, with one in particular being the center of a new chapter of history. The dragons, mythical beings with the awesome power rivaling even the strongest of devils and angels. It is these dragons, which while no longer causing terror in the world, linger around the world.


Issei is your average high school student, with a huge knack for porn and boobs. Due to this, Issei has never managed to get a girlfriend in his entire life. That is until the start of the series, when Yuma asks Issei out on a date. Issei happily goes along with Yuma, only to be murdered in cold blood at the end of their date. As Yuma flew away, leaving a dying Issei behind to his fate, allowing him to make one last wish before the end. To be able to fondle Rias’ breasts once. As it would be, fate was both cruel and kind to him that day, as Issei’s wish allowed Rias to find him and grant him the spark of life once more. Now reborn as a devil, Issei looks forward to one day having a harem to himself, and finally touching Rias’ mighty bosom.


Issei Hyoudo is a high school student and one of the 3 perverts in his school. He and his two other buddies are known for peeping on girls, discussing AVs during school, and staring at the girls during P.E. After his date with Yuma, he was reborn as Rias’ servant devil, and is her pawn. His sacred Gear is initially stated to be a double booster, a special piece of equipment that doubles one’s power. However, it is later revealed that his Sacred Gear is actually the Boosted Gear, a legendary Gear known to multiply one’s power to even God’s level, for just a moment. Despite his love for erotic things, Issei values his relationships over his selfish desires. Whenever his friends are in danger, Issei is willing to charge head on to help them.

Issei can’t help but stare!

Rias Gremory is the president of the Occult Research Club, and part of the Gremory House, a powerful devil house. She has a great figure which entrances Issei whenever he sneaks a peek. As she is part of the great Gremory House, Rias is a high ranking devil, and extremely powerful herself. Rias cares greatly for her servants, treating them as family and willing to kill any whom bring harm to them. Rias is particularly caring for Issei, and while she does chastise him for his recklessness, she does this because of her worry he’ll get hurt.

I’d like to have put gifs, but this series is too ecchi!

Asia Argento is a nun whom met Issei on her first day in the city. She has a compassionate heart, and uses her Sacred Gear. Twilight Healing, for good. Asia doesn’t discriminate between human or devil, and treats all with kindness. However, if one does evil deeds, Asia won’t stand around and forgive them, even if it’s a fellow church member. Despite only knowing Issei for a short while, Asia was grateful for his friendliness, and quickly fell in love with him.

Asia, showing off her school uniform.


Occult Research Club

Akeno Is the vice president of the Occult Research Club, and close aid of Rias. She is a powerful devil, due to being Rias’ Queen, and has control over lightning. She likes to tease Issei often, showing her seductive side. Koneko is Rias’ rook, and as such the most physically strongest despite having a petite frame. She hardly talks, keeping things simple and straight to the point whenever she does. Yuuto Kiba is the Knight of Rias, and excels at swordsmanship. He holds extreme hatred against the church, mostly due to his background.

The whole Occult Research Club! Yuuto starts it off on the left next to Asia, with Issei centered, and Rias, Koneko, and Akeno to the right.

Art, Animation and Voice Acting

High School DxD has good art and animation, and give the more mature and erotic scenes justice. There’s a lot of suggestive shots as well, making this series renown for its fan service. In fact, fan service is what this series is about! The animation stays fairly consistent throughout the series, though there are times where quality suddenly drops. This happens mostly on long distanced shots though, and the more important scenes keep the quality up and consistent.

Surprisingly, the English cast for High School DxD isn’t too bad. While it is strange hearing the stark differences between the Japanese and English voices, the English cast did a good job. Everyone has some emotion in their voice, unlike some other series. One thing the English version does have over the Japanese version, though, is more comedy. Some of the things they say is straight out hilarious and sudden that it makes me laugh. It really adds an extra comedy element that the original lacks. However, the English version of Rias and Akeno don’t sound as seductive as they do in the Japanese version, which is a major disappointment. Also, they seem to butcher the pronunciation of some characters, such as Akeno and Koneko. This does get annoying to me, but it is negligible i suppose. As such, the English version gets a pass from me.

The Japanese version of High School DxD though, has amazing voice acting, way better than the English version in my opinion. As stated before, Akeno and Rias have a seductive tone, befitting of their personality. Koneko has a deadpan voice and hardly talks, instead making simple sounds more fitting to her character, unlike the English version which talks more than not. Issei himself sounds more serious, and hardly says any erotic jokes, unlike his English version. As a side note though, the opening song reminds me of earlier 2000s anime for some reason.

Overall thoughts on the Series

High School DxD is a great ecchi series, with some nice action to boot. While Issei is indeed weak at the start, relying on his fellow devil for help, it isn’t always like that. As the series progresses, Issei learns more about his Sacred Gear, and trains to better himself to help Rias. His character growth makes the series more enjoyable, as we finally are able to see him kick ass near the end. The series also seems to follow the idea that evil knows no boundaries, as not only are devils capable of wickedness, but humans and angles as well. This will be an important aspect throughout the seasons, as new adversaries appear.

If you’re interested in the series, it is available uncensored and dubbed/subbed on Funimation, but with the requirement of a subscription to see the entire series. It is sadly not available on Crunchyroll, though. As this is picked up by Funimation however, it is also available for purchase here in the USA physically.

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