On Air: Interviews with Monster Girls Review

Interviews with Monster GIrlsCurrently airing on Crunchyroll, we head on to Interviews with Monster Girls by Petosu and animated by A-1 Pictures. In this universe monster girls in specific exist, but are extremely rare. In specific, Vampires, Dullahan, Succubus and Snow women exist. When these four Demis go to the same school, what kind of interactions will happen between them? Well, there’s only one way to find out, so let’s jump on in!


We begin with Tetsuo Takahashi, a teacher and prospective researcher on demihumans. I say this due to the fact that Takahashi has yet to actually meet any demihumans and has nearly given up hope. However, he suddenly finds himself near four demihumans, namely a Vampire, Dullahan, Snow Woman and a Succubus. Seeing this as an opportunity, Takahashi decides to interviews with them in order to document what it means to be a demihuman, and how they are different to traditional fairy and folk tales.

There’s only a slight problem, how will Takahashi get them to sit down for an interview? Well, that’s simple, just talk to them!


Takahashi is a good teacher whom others rely on, and is quite patient and clam. He plays along with Hikari and Kyouko’s plans and antics without problem. He also hears them out, and treats them with kindness, not looking differently at them. His calm demeanor and kind personality makes him the target of multiple monster girls, namely Machi and Satou. Takahashi is considerate with his questions during any interview with the girls. Though when given the OK, he won’t hold his guns and ask anything that comes to mind. He’s also quite the lady killer, as he shows his cool even during embarrassing scenarios, which make the others fall for him a bit more.

Takahashi, keeping it cool as usual.

Hikari Tanahashi (god these names are too similar) is a student, and a vampire. Hikari has a carefree and cheerful attitude, but takes things seriously when they involve a friend. She met Takahashi shortly before the start of the series during a night trip to the school. After this meeting, Hikari decides to find him at school, and helps him begin his much wanted research and interviews on Monster girls. Hikari is easily embarrassed, and her thoughts grind to a halt when they reach a certain degree. She also has a mischievous side, as she teases Takahashi and plays around with him, mostly to his dismay.

Hikari embarrassed over what she just did.

Kyouki Machi is a fellow classmate of Hikari and a Dullahan, one of the three in the whole world. While being a dullahan is probably the most inconvenient, Machi keeps a happy go luck attitude, and doesn’t let it get her down. She doesn’t mind jokes around her constitution, and even says some to Takahashi at times. Machi has had a hard time integrating with her class, as she missed the first few days due to illness. This caused her to miss her chance at making many friends, and ended with her feeling out of place in class. After Hikari tells her of where she spends her breaks at, Machi tags along and meets Takahashi. After a few interactions between them, she develops a crush on him.

Machi happy she managed to thank Takahashi.

Sakie Satou is a new teacher at the school, and a Succubus. As a succubus, Satou has many hurdles in her everyday life due to her succubus nature. Due to this, Satou does everything in her abilities to minimize contact with anyone, even other staff. Satou even lives alone in the woods to keep her unnatural abilities from affecting others. One ability is stimulating pheromones, which act as aphrodisiac and seduce men, though this can be controlled based on the person’s attire. The other is the ability to grant erotic dreams to any man nearby when unconscious. Due to this, Satou has yet to have any romantic relationships, as she feels that it would be fake due to her succubus nature. Though she seems interested in Takahashi after he shows consideration for the students, and his seemingly immunity to her pheromones.

Satou pained that she can’t have normal interactions with others, and Takahashi in particular.

Yuki Kusakabe is another student, and a Snow woman. Not much is known of her yet, as she hasn’t been given much screen time. There is hints though that she dislikes being a Snow Woman though. Yuki also seems uncomfortable around Machi, but seems to get along well with Hikari, possibly due to her more human appearance. Yuki also tries her best to keep social interactions at a minimum, but it backfires, and makes her the target of girl’s gossip. As a snow woman, it seems Yuki looses her ability to control her frost abilities when under mental stress.

Yuki depressed at school.

Art, Animation and Voice Acting

As A-1 Pictures is running the show, the Art and Animation are of good quality. However, as this anime is a Slice of Life anime, there won’t be super high quality art and animation all the time. Though some of the better scenes are due to nice background art, which this series does have a bit of. A nice aspect of the show however is the attention to the girl’s expression of thoughts, so there’s lots of scenes where we’ll see only their face. The show’s atmosphere also adds to the story, as the use of bright colors brings a feel of cheer and life to the story

The voice actors, to me, fit their characters and bring life to them. Hikari has a high pitched voice brimming with energy and cheer, only to reveal her shyness at times. Machi has a calm voice most of the time, but becomes flustered when talking about her crush. Satou seems to have . Yuki’s voice gives her an air of mystery and moodiness, as she seems to be a easily depressed person.

Thoughts on Series

Overall, Interviews with Monster Girls is another great addition in the monster girl genre. The fact that there’s only four monster girl types in the series is an interesting change. Not only that, but three of the four are nearly unnoticeable from regular humans, unless they tell you explicit. This is a difference between this show and others, as monster people usually excell at a particular thing, or have higher strength than humans. But in Interviews with Monster Girls, the girls are no different than anyone else, and if anything, their monster traits can be seen as hindrances.

The monster girls are super cute and adorable. Though Hikari is king, as her attempts to act mature, only to have it fail are adorable! although Machi is making a good fight so far, as her crush on Takahashi will make for more great scenes. Satou’s dilemma about relationships make for some funny scenes where she does inner monologues. I also look forward to more of Satou’s attempts to get closer to Takahashi, as I’m sure she’ll try. Yuki though, has not had much screen time, so we only know a little bit about her. Though she does seem to be next to get an episode to fully reveal her character.

This is airing currently on Crunchyroll, and you can watch it for free up to the latest episode before you’ll need membership. As a side note, This series is based on a Manga, which is available in the U.S. If you’d like to support the industry, please pick one up, or watch it through Crunchyroll!

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