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With our favorite series back again for another season, lets take a look at whats new in Konosuba 2. For starters, those who are unfamiliar with the series, I highly recommend watching season 1. Since, there might be some spoilers on here that may ruin or dilute your entertainment. As it’s primarily a comedy set in a world much like an rpg video game with a little bit of ecchi. Anyways, lets take a dive into the overview.


Konosuba season 2 begins right after the afthermath of the invasion of the destroyer. With the large fortress out of the way and the town now in ruins. The imperial knights now look towards Kazuma as the culprit for the destruction. Accusing him of plotting with the Demon King to destroy the town. Along with sexual harassment of women and stealing of panties. Even every accusation comes with a source and each person in question agrees that Kazuma is the disgusting perverted ally of the Demon army. However, Kazuma, with the help of Darkness. Manages to convince the judge to allot them some time, so he can prove to the jury he is innocent. God bless Darkness.



With the conclusion to the season one. Many felt as though Konosuba lacked in animation. There were many comments on reddit that questioned the animations quality. From the funny looking faces, to the character designs. However, I for one really never saw a problem in the animations. I always felt as though the wacky animations in this series added to the comedy. Remember, Konosuba is first and foremost a comedy that parodies fantasy rpg games. So for that very reason the crazy animations and hilarious facial expressions fit very well in my honest opinion. I’m not sure what people really expected in this series in terms of animation. Where they hoping for some Unlimited Blade works teir animation? Sure it was one of the most highest selling anime of last season but the style just fits the series.

Anyways, with that out of the way, is the animations better than last season? Well, as a result of episode one, some could argue that it went further down. To which I could agree as the first episode has some of the weirdest facial expressions and animations so far. Still, I believe because of its genre, the poor animation and wacky facial expressions add to the humor.

Lastly, for those who are Megumin fans. Don’t worry, there are still lots of ECKUSPLOSHUN’s. 😀



This part will be short as there is very little to talk about. Since most of you who might be reading, have already watched season 1. Therefore, I wont go into detail about the characters already established. Furthermore, Since it is considered spoilers to an extent, I will just mention that there are a few new characters introduced in this season. In addition, of the new characters, some of them might have some impact on the development of the story. To an extent of course. They are still side characters, but none the less, they might haveimportance.


Kazuma is such a sly dog.

Thoughts so far

I love it. Konosuba season 2 is everything I expected it to be. The comedy, the panty steals, the characters and the story. Every time I watch the new episodes air, I am ecstatic. Yet, I also feel some sadness. Reason being, some of my favorite shows will probably never have a season 3 (looking at you Index/space dandy). I hope this series gets another season because I know for a fact that 12 episodes won’t be enough for the series to end. In fact, the light novel it is based off is still in the works and has yet to be completed.

Lastly, if you haven’t watched season 2 and enjoyed the first season. All I can say is, get your ass over to Crunchyroll and watch this season. You won’t regret it. Unless your that type that loves to binge watch. Finally, I leave you with a little scene of Kazuma’s legendary steal. SATEALU!!! SATEALU!!! SATEALU!!!


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