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Gabriel Droupout

Gabriel Dropout poster art.

Currently Ongoing on Crunchyroll, we dive straight into Gabriel Dropout by Ukami and Animated by Doga Kobo. We head towards a school up in the sky, where Angels attend. Here we see a new batch of students freshly graduating from middle school, reading for High school. All angels will be learning at a human high school, and must learn about humanity. Gabriel is one of these students, and looks forward to living with humans.


We start with Gabriel, who has just graduated from middle school and is eager to head to the human realm. Gabriel was a honors student at angel school, and a model student. She has great conduct, and strives to better herself in her new environment. Shortly after arriving and accustoming herself to her new home, Gabriel stumbles upon a video game on her laptop. How? who knows. Anyways, after seeing someone defeated in battle, Gabriel decides to make a priest and help this unknown person.

This begins her dark decent into the hikikomori life, as she marveled at the wonders of net games. Not even a moment after saving a few players, she becomes a ‘Pay to Win’ player, and buys a staff to heal even more efficiently. Fast forward, and Gabriel has lost all purity and has become a true Hikikomori, not even cleaning her own room. It is here that we start our journey through the world of Gabriel Dropout! Here’s the PV if you’d like to watch as well.


Gabriel White Tenma is our adorable little angel who lives alone in an apartment. Now a Hikikomori, she holes herself in her apartment and plays net games 24/7. Even admitting that she was never a model angel, and that her current self was always her real self. She simply suppressed it in Heaven, or so she says. Gabriel has not a single care in the world about humans now, and at times expresses her extreme distaste for humans. This is ironic, as the games and technology Gabriel uses everyday is made by the humans she dislikes. Her disregard for them allows her to sound the horn of the apocalypse, which would end all humanity. Gabriel’s personality and disregard for humanity makes her a potential fallen angel, as noted by her black halo, which she doesn’t mind herself.

Gabriel’s proof of her angelic bloodline, a black halo.

Vignette April Tsukinose is a devil and Gabriel’s friend and classmate. Vigne is the only person here with a decent mindset, being a good student and person despite being a Devil herself. Though when angry, Vignette can be intimidating, and would fall under what a Devil should be.. It is unknown how she and Gabriel became friends, as they were already friends when we see her as a sloth. According to herself, she once had a job in making single men disappear.

Vigne stunned to hear she’s not demonic enough.

Satanichia Kurumizawa McDowell is also a devil, and a fellow student at the same school as Vigne and Gabriel. As a devil, she attempts to do evil deeds, but in reality they’re mostly just petty acts. Examples are when she throws the bottle with a cap on into the trash instead of separating it before hand. On top of this, Satania cleans up after Gabriel at times, showing a personality unbecoming of one who wishes to be evil. It seems that Gabriel is devilish than Satania, and she’s supposed to be an angel. Satania also is quite a klutz, and often makes a mistake which depresses her, like dropping her lunch. She’s also a tsundere, and keeps a tough act up, but it doesn’t last very long.

Satania trying to escape with her food, only to loose it all at once. Poor girl.

Raphiel Ainsworth Shiraha is a fellow angel of Gabriel and goes to the same school as the others. We don’t know what kind of angel she was before, but after being in japan for a while, Raphiel is not much better than Gabriel. She seems to have taken a fancy to Satanichia, and enjoys bullying her. Raphiel’s favorite method so far is using a dog she trained to follow her commands. Her antics go so far to even intrude in Satanichia’s home in secret.

Raphiel finding a new toy, Satania.

Art, Animation and Voice Actors

Gabriel Dropout has nice art, but not super amazingly detailed art. It’s definitely adorably cute art though, which is king! The animation is good, as I rarely notice any obviously badly animated scenes. The way everyone is drawn all bubbly and simple is how the art, I think, is supposed to be. Doga Kobo, the animation studio behind this series is known for animating cute, adorable and fun shows. As the gifs above show, Doga Kobo is king in this playing field.

The voice actors fit their roles perfectly in my eyes, and I’ve got no complaint here. If anything, it find it surprising that Gabriel’s voice actor is still a relative newbie. They also sing the show’s opening and ending sequence, so you’ll definitely end up enjoying their roles in time. On a side note, the sound track is so damn smoothing and nice! I must give props for it, good job!

Thoughts on the Series

So far, Gabriel Dropout is a nice anime I enjoy very much, and definitely look forward to new episodes every week. This series grabbed my attention withing the first few minutes after Gabriel left to the human realm. Her transition from the perfect angel into the embodiment of sloth shows you what kind of person she is instantly. Her interactions with Vigne make for funny scenes, and Satania herself is a stand alone comedian. Satania’s petty actions which she thinks are evil border on pathetic, but make her that more hilarious. While Raphiel hasn’t gotten much screen time as of now, every time she’s appeared, I knew some fun was going to happen and made me smile

The fact that all demons seem like decent people (Satanichia being just weird) while the angels have a screw or two loose is a nice twist. It seems like they where born on the wrong side of the planet or something. Additionally, I hope some new angels appear, so we can see how Gabriel might react if they see her slothfulness.

Gabriel Dropout is currently airing on Crunchyroll, so go give it a shot! You don’t need premium for week old + episodes, so what are you waiting for?

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