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Space Brothers Review

Space BrothersSpace Brothers, is a story about two brothers and their dreams to go into space. This series was recommended to me by a friend and oh boy I didn’t expect it to turn out how it did. What fooled me was the intro. I  expected some simple slice of life but what I got was a realistic journey. By that I mean that the story really dives into the profession which only a handful of people ever get to experience to this date. That is of course, an astronomer. But before we get started, I must say this series is long. To this date it has concluded for the time being and with over 99 episodes. Yes that’s not a error, there is in fact 99 episodes to this magnificent journey. So if your planning to marathon this story, your in for a ride.

Anyways, Space Brothers covers a lot of aspects about the astronomers. The studio behind this series (A-1 pictures) was very through with their research. Many things are accurate in their own respects. Now for what isn’t accurate has its own reasons. For instance the story takes place in the future, 2025 to be exact so some of the characters who are astronauts don’t exist. What is accurate or at least on par to reality is the rigorous testing phase for astronaut selection and training. They also included some accurate depictions of the real life counterparts to JAXA or the Huston space station. So props to them and without further adieu.

Space Brothers OP.

Kind of a silly op, but I liked it. Though of it as childhood reams becoming reality.


Space Brothers story depicts the life’s and dreams of two brothers. Both Hibito Nanba and Mutta Nanba are the main protagonists. Hibito is already a astronaut at the beginning of the story, meanwhile Mutta is not. He is still aspiring to be an astronaut but it wasn’t always like that. When they were young, they were into discovering their backyard and beyond. The brothers would venture into the forest with their audio recorders and would survey the land to document every living thing there. Until the day where they encountered a UFO. Since then, they vowed to become astronauts so they can chase that UFO that flew into the moon. However, the only one who continued with his dream was Hibito and now hes going off into space. While Mutta is still yet to even become a astronomer.

As for the story progression, its solid. The story nicely converges both Mutta and Hibito’s story lines most of the time, while other times, it separates them. Its a good balance as we get information that’s important to both characters when needed. For example, the story focuses at the beginning on Mutta since he is yet to be an astronaut. So the story is told from his point of view as he goes through the motions of achiving his dream. As Mutta works towards his goal, the story slowly starts depicting Hibito’s side of the story. Simply because Hibito is an astronaut thats about to go into space. So its not out of place and it serves as motivation for Mutta. Which in turn helps also motivate Hibito since he admires his brother and wishes for him to join him. I rather enjoyed both sides of the coin really.

Space brothers


A strong point of Space Brothers. The series builds character development each episode and every character can be very memorable. Mutta and Hibito are the main characters and all but only Mutta really stands out. Hibito is a very one dimensional nice guy character. Therefore, I will talk about Mutta more. Hes a fantastic protagonist, he has many issues with himself. Ever since he was young he believed that he should stay ahead of his brother in every aspect. This blossomed into a competitive nature for both that helped them reach their goal. That was until something happened to Mutta and his dream. Which stopped him from reaching his goal. It still haunts him to this day because he will never be able to lead his brother. From time to time, he dwells on this but it never stops him from picking his dream back up.

Now, as for the characters besides MC and his brother. They aren’t left out to dry in this series. Each has very unique qualities and as Mutta goes through his astronaut selection tests they have very well fleshed out personalities. Not all of them of course, only those who make it past the first test. Each is competing to be an astronaut but Nasa isn’t looking for those who can do everything. Their rigorous testing phase provides many opportunities for Mutta to get to know. This allows us in turn to get attached to each character as each character has their own very good reasons why they must accomplish their goal.


Space Brothers

My favorite character besides Mutta has to be Apo. I mean just look at that face.


Space Brothers did an okay job with animation. Its not a super fancy series with lots of different colors and outstanding scenes. Instead its a simple series where the art depictions matter more than the animations. As I mentioned before that this series is accurate especially when it comes to location. Really a breath of fresh air to see the Kennedy space station depicted with accuracy, same goes for JAXA. I didn’t know JAXA existed until I watched Space Brothers but from the images online I gotta say for sure its very close. Also liked how they drew Texas in regard to the Nasa base there. I haven’t been there but at least the United states isn’t be drawn all gloomy because it isn’t. They even got the grass is always green part right. Makes me proud.

There’s still a little bit to talk about the animation. Although its not fancy, it has its moments where its good. Most of the time the animation is used for comedy. Sometimes we see Mutta’s hair do funny things like swing from side to side. Other times we see Apo do some crazy things like get destroyed by the blast zone of a shuttle launch. Don’t worry he doesn’t actually get hurt its just a funny scene. Still, the animations for the little things are good enough and it wont ruin the series for you. Which reminds me of the actual shuttle launch which was done accurately. From the launch sequence where the smoke trailed off to the aftermath.

Space Brothers

Final Thoughts

Really solid series overall. Enjoyed every episode from beginning to end from the characters to story and lastly the art. If your looking for a overall good story with no overbearing plot point. Along with solid characters and accurate depictions from the prospective of two aspiring astronauts. Then I highly suggest you should pick up Space Brothers. My only qualm with the series I that I didn’t get to watch it before. So I could have had that experience to talk about it among other anime fans. Its just not the same going back to an old series and expecting much of a disscusion. So get out there and watch all the new series. If you do, I highly suggest you watch it on Crunchyroll along with Space Brothers.

Expect more anime reviews, specifically anime from this season with a few older gems. I bid you adieu with some more APO.

Space Brothers

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