Rosario Vampire Season 2

Rosario Vampire Season 2 Volume one Cover.

Rosario Vampire Season 2 Volume one Cover.

Many things have happened since the start of Rosario Vampire, and with the temporary closure of the academy due to a riot, Rosario Vampire ended. But it was only part of the whole story, as we start up Rosario Vampire Season 2! Two more people have joined since the start of season one, Mizore and Ruby, making the battle much more fierce. And another joins this on this new series. On top of that, there’s real danger in the world of monsters now.

These two new characters, Mizore and Ruby, joined about midway in Season one. Mizore, a snow lady, was introduced initially being obsessed with Tsukune. After being saved by Tsukune and the rest when a teacher tried to force. Ruby is a Witch, and was initially a enemy, wanting Yukari to join her and her master in destroying a human city. She hated humans for taking away her parent’s life, and also nearly killed Tsukune herself. After this, Ruby enters Yokai Academy as a Staff member and sticks around for future battles.

Mizore gets some development in volume three, as we see how desperate she is to be with Tsukune, and why. As her seventeenth birthday draws near, Mizore reveals she must wed no mater what, to keep their race alive. Her love is what drives her, and when her fate is about to be sealed, she’s willing to do the extreme.

Tsukune when he turns into a ghoul.


Tsukune has changed much since his introduction. He has come to cherish not only Outer Moka, but Inner Moka and the other girls around him. Now a second year in Yokai academy, he has also lost some of his humanity due to constant infusions of Moka’s vampire blood to keep him alive from many battles. Due to this, Tsukune now wears a sacred lock at all times, else ghoul would awaken. This has been beneficial though, as Tsukune is no longer as weak as before, as his blood awakens if his life is in danger. When in this half vampire form, his strength rivals Moka which makes him a formidable opponent. He has also strengthen his body up a bit, gaining some muscle, and looking tougher overall than before.

Tsukune’s Locket, which keeps him from becoming a ghoul.

Moka has stayed relatively the same, still clinging onto Tsukune, and sucking his blood. The main difference is in Inner Moka, who has soften up much more since her initial introduction. In terms of strength, Inner Moka is still number one in the group, but not without challenge. Kurumu and Yukari get some development, with Kurumu’s biggest being that she begins to care for their entire group, and

Kokoa is the newest character, entering Yokai Academy as a freshman and is Moka’s little sister. She adores her older sister, wanting Inner moka to recognize her strength,  but dislikes outer Moka. As a vampire, she has excellent strength despite her small stature and young age.

From left to right is Mizore, Kurumu, Kokoa, Moka, Yukari and Roze.

Gin has changed quite a bit from the initial villain role he played. Now a valued friend and comrade in battle, he has helped our friends learn combat, and saved them a few times. Still a mysterious man, Gin’s own values haven’t changed so much. He still goes around chasing women and groping Kurumu. Because of his actions, Gin believes he’s unfit to be in a relationship. He shows this when playing the villain to cover up a girl’s jealousy and convince her to give up on him.

This Second Season is supposed to be focused more on the group as a whole, and less on just Tsukune, so expect a lot of development for everyone! In fact, volume 3 had a lot of development for Mizore after everyone visited her homeland.a

Overall, I enjoyed the first three volumes, especially since the story kicks up on volume 3. It’s even more enjoyable than the beginning of the original series, but that might be because Tsukune isn’t super weak anymore. The main plot has also changed a bit, as now that the school knows of Tsukune’s humanity, they don’t need to keep it super secret. As such, it seems that now the primary objective is keeping Tsukune safe and from unleashing his Ghoulish side.

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