Ajin volume 1

Ajins or Demi-Humans are humans that cannot die. They are immortal per say, they can die just like humans but they just don’t like to stay dead. The biggest discover that mankind has made was 17 years ago in Africa. On that day mankind discovered the Ajin. A being who cannot die no matter how many times you shoot it. All throughout those 17 years there have been 47 new Ajins that appeared. Governments placed a reward for anyone who can capture and ajin. Public knowledge has no idea what really happens to those captured. Some believe the government protects them but rumors have spread recently. Clamming that Ajins are experimented on secretly by the government.

Our main character in this story, Kei, is a very interesting protagonist. Kei goes through many different phases in the story. While a student Kei only cared about appearances. He acted like he cared about people only because he thought he could be seen as a great person. While deep inside he was really cold and analytical. Of course his life had a turn for the worst when he was in an accident. Kei should have die that day but instead he reemerged. With many witnesses to his revival Kei fled into the forest to escape. Despite being cold Kei still holds back from killing others because of his deep bond with Kaito his childhood friend.

The other Ajins in the story have some well designed characters. One in particular is very cunning and cruel, Souta. The man is a total bad ass when it comes to action. He takes advantage of his immortality and has amazing tactical skills. His partner, Tanaka, shows resentment at the human race. As the second Ajin discovered in Japan and once in captivity he has experienced a lot of pain. He Although its not clear if he has always shown resentment since his capture or his escape.

As for the humans in this story. We have Kaito, Keis childhood friend. As Keis childhood friend he shares a deep bond with him. He could never befriend anyone because of his family roots so he was always alone. He spent his childhood summers with Kei catching insects until Kei eventually cut off ties. Despite being abandoned by his friend, Kaito holds no grudge. Kaito may act strangely but he can understand situations and realize when he should stop.

Next we have Yu Tosaki. A very peculiar character in this series. He shares close similarities with Kei. Hes cold and analytical just like Kei, he also has a short temper and really hates it when people mispronounce his name. From the start he has been morally ambiguous and will quickly resort to violence. Whether it be himself or those under, Yu will do and use whatever means possible to accomplish his goal.Ajin

The art in this manga is good. The characters are drawn nicely and there’s a lot of scenery drawn in the manga. As for the action, its amazing and really gets you excited. I really enjoyed reading the story and I am looking forward to the incoming chapters. There is a realistic feel to the story too. All throughout the manga you get a sense of urgency. Like the characters need to reach their destination or goals. Of course its not perfect though. There are some flaws and inconsistencies with the story but that’s apparent with many stories.

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