Another volume 1

Another, a short story written by Yukito Ayatsuji and drawn by Hiro Kiyohara. Filled with horror, drama and suspense, can keep many readers on the edge. With its unique way of story telling this manga can keep you guessing from chapter to chapter.

The story in Another is about a curse that appeared 26 years before the main story takes place. The curse affected a students in class 3-3 but unlike most curses which cause misfortune this only kills the person. Here we follow a student named Kouichi, who recently transferred to this public school, as he tries to solve this mystery. Somewhat unique story, there are a few problems throughout the story. Firstly there is a lot of issues with its dialog because it can be very disjointed and hard to follow. The supporting characters are just to afraid to talk about the curse and the whole classroom is in on this. Ignore a student and completely pushing conversations away comes off a bullying in the start but its a strategy they use. They believe it will help stop the curse.

The character design is not to bad when it comes to the main characters. Another, really lacks character development for anyone besides the 3 main characters. For example the supporting characters feel like cardboard. They just don’t genuinely feel like they exist. What I mean is they don’t have motives besides avoiding the curse. You really don’t get them fleshed out and this causes a lot of problems with the series. Like when the characters die because with lack of character development it can leave you with “who was that again”. Next issue is after some characters die you don’t get a sense of loss, there is little to no mourning.


Some of the background art. Really well done. You can see the tree’s shadow

When it comes to art, another can captivate you a lot. There are so many amazingly drawn scenes and the characters look so beautiful. Really good manga to look at while you read. However it has its downsides like the lack of character development. Really takes a toll on its art because it tries to invoke a sense of suspense or mystery at times but because of the writing it just falls off. In the first volume I had an issue with some of the “whoa spooky” scenes. They just felt overly dramatic or forced.

Despite this, I believe Another is a good manga. Another also has a bit of foreshadowing so keep an eye out throughout the series. Just a tip if your a new reader, make sure you pay attention to when Kouichi returns home.

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