Attack on Titan Manga Review

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan Volume 1

Best suited for young adults is the story written by Hajime Isayama Attack on Titan. With over 15 million copies sold in 2013 this series was highly received and recommended by the masses during its release in 2009. With an anime adaptation, light novel, art book and monthly manga releases this series has a lot to offer.

In the a post apocalyptic world of Attack on Titan the human race has been pushed back in the confines of walls in order to survive. They face extinction at the hands of the Titans, creatures as tall as 15 meters with enormous strength. The only way the humans were able to survive was to create a wall 50 meters in height just so they could protect themselves from the titans. Along the way we follow the struggle of three children named Eren, Mikasa and Armin.

In our main cast the story revolves around Eren Yeager, son of doctor Grisha Yeager who famously saved hundreds from a plague that hit the city. Young Eren had a wild imagination. He dreams of exploring what lied beyond the wall and that was his driving force for joining the scouting legion. Not only did he have big dreams but the boy was able to handle the reality of his world. At a young age he was capable of killing two adults to save Mikasa and even after witnessing his mother being eating right in front of his eyes Eren did not waver. He pushed on in life and used his memories of his mother to give him the courage to face the titans and overcome his fear.

Attack on Titan

Mikasa, a strong and skilled soldier but she wasn’t always like that. When she was young her parents were killed by kidnappers and she was abducted. Distressed and facing a life without anywhere to go she was ready to accept whatever reality became of her, but when Eren attacked and killed two of the kidnappers he somehow manage to convince her to fight. She then attacked and stab the kidnapper in the heart. With no home the Yeager family adopted her. She would never forget what Eren did and she decided to devote her life to him. With such a strong devotion to be by his side she joins the scouting legion. There she gains the skill and strength to the most important person in her life.

Lastly we have Armin. As a young boy Armin just like Eren wished to see the outside world. One day he found an illegal book that contained information about the outside world that his grandfather owned. After reading the book and talking about the town branded him a heretic. Many of the children targeted him and bullied him because of this. As he grew older and after the first wall fell he built the courage to follow his friends into the scouting legion. Lacking in physical skill he had a hard time accepting he was a soldier but his friends didn’t. They believed he had the ability to make the right decisions when everything was in chaos and they were right and when the time came when they needed his knowledge he overcame his self loathing and saved his friends.

Attack on Titan

Humanity built a very large wall able to defend themselves from the titan threat. The wall was made to be over 50 meters tall and 20 meters wide. They fitted it with cannons and a railroad track. It has defended the humans inside and brought 100 years of peace to the people. Growing so accustomed humanity almost forgot why they needed to fight the titans. Until the day the colossal titan appeared. A colossal titan towering over the great wall he made quick work of their defenses and pierced the wall.

Attack on Titan

A nice little map of how much territory the walls cover. You can view it on this website.

Titans, they care not of the wildlife as many of the animals prosper on the outside of the walls. They solely hunt humans but not for food. Since the wall has kept humanity safe the titans if they needed nourishment should have starved to death but they still exist and show no signs of starvation. They are mindless creatures and they only kill humans just to kill. Resembling humans in physical appearance they can vary in size from 5-15 meters tall. Among the titans many of them have different ability’s.  One in particular has the ability to encase himself in armor, the armored titan. Thick armor and great speeds he was able to make quick work of Wall Maria’s gate.

A story with a great plot packed with action and filled with mystery. Heck I used to stay up late to read the latest chapters back in high school. The only downsides I have are the monthly releases but seeing as this has 40-60 pages per chapter. Not too bad because in 40 pages you can get a ton of info, plot and action in each chapter. On another note, I couldn’t really get a grasp on what themes were at play here in the first volumes. Never give up? Humanity is the worst monster? There’s not much to go on about theses with bits of information. Despite that I agree with many that Shingeki no Kyojin is great story and I highly recommend it.