Blame volume 1

Like most cyberpunk titles, Blame! is a dark futuristic story full of enough action to keep you on edge. However, Blame does not have existential philosophical questions which are prevalent in many cyberpunk series. Along with its lack of thought provoking narrative there is very little dialog and narrative in the series. Art is story, and in Blame! that is where you will get most of the story.

In the post-apocalyptic world of Blame the human race scattered across a vast network of floors. The seemingly endless mechanical world of Blame proves to be a never ending challenge to our protagonist, Killy. Due to the huge structures and his mission to find a Human with the Net Terminal Code, Killy really has a huge task ahead of him. Armed with his GBE(gravitational Beam Emitter) Killy is a force to be reckoned with.  The GBE is quite the powerful gun, capable of creating a hole in anything that stands in its way. Throughout his journey Killy meets an assortment of beings from silicon, machine, ai and lastly a strange variety of humans.

I can’t really write much about the story as that would give to much spoilers and ruin the series. What I mean by that is that in Blame, figuring out the story is half the enjoyment. Many will agree with me here because when you first read the story it will leave you scratching your head. You will know next to nothing and its important that you know little going in. Blame will not spoon feed you information and that’s a good thing. Its different from all your usual series where they explain everything and leave nothing to your imagination.


An image from the manga. To give you an example of what to expect.

The art style in the series is good. Tsutomu Nihei (the author put) a lot of work on the visuals and they are astounding. Nihei did an amazing job at architecture and the story can be visually appealing to many readers. You really get a feeling that Killy is traveling across an old abandoned mega structure. Its chock full of old abandoned buildings, broken down machinery and colossal structures that seems to run for an eternity. Every new location Killy enters is a mystery to us all. It always has you wondering what Killy has stumbled into. From the natives to the surroundings its always a pleasure to see Killy continue his journey.

On top of that the action is amazing. There is little to no dialog throughout the action sequences. Its straight to the point and amazing. Destruction and total obliteration is quite prevalent in this series. Killy and his foes can cause quite the devastation when they battle, from destroying buildings to annihilating their surroundings. Along with such detail to Killys enemies it can be very entertaining to the eye when you read this manga.

With all of this taken into account, Blame can be quite the impressive story. Like I said before it can also be quite confusing, and Ill be a little honest, I was quite confused the first few chapters. So if your thinking about reading this make sure your ready for a wild ride. On another note while reading this I got some Machine city(from the Matrix) vibes from some scenes. Oh and its also getting an anime adaptation coming 2017.

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