Deadman Wonderland Review

Deadman Wonderland Vol 1.

Deadman Wonderland Vol 1.

Deadman Wonderland is a manga series takes place in a jail with the same name as the title, Deadman Wonderland. The prison holds those sentenced to death, hence the Deadman in the name. The jail also conveniently poses as an entertainment park where the convicts work, hence the Wonderland in the name.

Deadman Wonderland is about a boy looking for revenge, while trying to stay alive in this new wonder prison. There are many dangers in this jail for Ganta, from events to other prisoners and potentially even the prison staff themselves pose a danger to him. The jail, it seems, could even be his tomb.

In this jail, the prisoners are entertainers, cleaners, construction workers, etc. The park regularly hosts events for the entertainment of the park guests, in which the prisoners play out, sometimes at the cost of their lives. These events reward the winners with Cast Points, a form of currency in the prison. This currency is earned doing jobs around the complex, and are necessary to live in the prison. All Death Row prisoners, however, must eat a candy worth 100,000 Cast every 3 days or succumb to poison injected by their chokers, making them work non-stop. The prison is large and complex, as it is part park and part prison. Deadman Wonderland’s prison is comprised of sectors A to F, in a circle due to this. There is also a basement level to the prison which houses Sector G, The real stage for the story.

Ganta is imprisoned at Sector G, where all Deadmen are, after showcasing his new powers. All prisoners residing here are Deadmen, people with the power of a branch of sin. The branch of sin is a mysterious power which uses the casters blood to fight. It is a mystery how each one of them got it, but they must master it to live in Sector G. Two Deadmen are selected to fight everyday, and the loser must forfeit a piece of their body. Despite this, it seems that the Deadmen bear no ill will against each other even after battles, as they get together and party when possible.

Thrown into Deadman Wonderland at 15 years old, Ganta acts as one would expect. Framed for the murder of his friends, Ganta is driven primarily by his hate for the Red man. After a few fiascos in the prison, it is revealed that Ganta has gained a mysterious power. This power uses his blood to shoot bullets causing massive damage if hit. His power seems to be due to the crystal imbedded into his chest by the Red Man.

A prisoner of Deadman Wonderland, the “Red Man” is also referred to as the “Wretched Egg” by the doctor. He seems to know Ganta, calling him Woodpecker after meeting him again as he doesn’t kill Ganta. He is imprisoned in a special container in the prison complex, and is

Red man is not the only person who seems to know him however. Shiro, a mysterious young girl, immediately recognizes Ganta after running into him in the prison.She is a carefree girl, doing as she pleases, and plays around whenever she wants. She considers Ganta a friend, and saves him multiple times from potential death. A well needed ally in a prison.

The Doctor is a mysterious man who seems to have higher jurisdiction than the Warden. This is shown when none but select people chosen by him have access, angering the Warden. His disregard for Deadmen is shown after he displays a collection of body parts, horrifying Ganta.

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