Dimension W

Dimension W Volume 1. Yuji Iwahara

Dimension W Volume 1.

Dimension W is a manga by Yuji Iwahara, and takes place in a future japan. In this world, man has discovered unlimited energy by the use of Coils. Coils are mechanisms that draw power from plants all across the world. These plants, which number to 50 in the world, draw this endless power from dimension w. New Tesla Energy is the corporation which created and owns these plants. Shido Yurikaze, the founder of New Tesla Energy, is the man who discovered dimension w and it’s vast energy. He created the Coils and set up the world energy system, but has gone missing prior to the story.

Coils are central to the story, being what drives the plot forward. There are, however, different types of coils in the world. The three known types are Legal Coils, Illegal Coils, and “Numbers”. Everyone uses Legal coils, and they’re monitored by New Tesla Energy to charge depending on use. Illegal coils are different however, as these coils draw more power than legal ones, and are untraceable, making them desirable for criminals. There is a draw back, however, as misuse of illegal coils can lead to dimensional collapse/shift. Lastly is the “Numbers” coils, which are unknown at the end of volume two, except for that they are limited and are the focus of Loser’s quest for vengeance.

The story follows Kyouma Mabuchi in his task to hunt down illegal coils. Kyouma has a history with coils, stating that he has seen many dimensional collapses from illegals. He hates coils, using any older tech that doesn’t rely on the power of them such as gas powered cars and steel needles for weapons. Kyouma has superhuman strength, which was obtain through extremely rigorous training when he was in a paramilitary team. He now works for Mary, as a contractor and hunts illegal coils for a living.

Dimension W, Coil

The composition of Coils. Illegal coils have and x on them and “numbers” have a number.

Mira Yurikaze is an android created by Seira Yurikaze, who was Shido’s wife. Mira initially stayed hidden along with her father Shido, until his apparent suicide. She’s extremely durable, being functional even despite having her head severed from her own body. She isn’t unstoppable however, as she has the same weakness as other coil driven technology, and shuts down if the coil malfunctions. Mira tags along with Kyouma after he retrieves her in order to discover what her father waned her to find.

Due to Kyouma’s hatred for Coils, he insults Mira whenever she does anything wrong, or acts too ‘human’. He doesn’t see her as a person, but as a simple robot. Mira dislikes this, and always retorts when Kyouma states she’s just a robot. Despite the negative attitude, he does care about others. When the kids who always sneaked into his shop where involved in an accident, he revealed the culprit and brought the subject up to a high ranking official.

Loser is interesting due to his knowing of Kyouma and the beasts of Grendel. He has a grudge against New Tesla Energy as they killed his wife and disfigured him. Loser is collecting the “numbers” coils, stating that they are key to his revenge.

Mary is another side character, and is the person Kyouma works for. She owns a restaurant, and uses it as a base for collectors to accept requests for illegal coils. Kyouma seems to owe Mary, as she can make him do anything she requests, such as taking care of Mira.

Dimension W

Kyouma on the left, Mira in the center, and Loser on the right.

Dimension W has a interesting world in my view. They have unlimited energy via coils, which is amazing. But upon a closer look, it seems like a dystopian world. Coils send constant information to New Tesla Energy and if misused, report to New Tesla Energy for investigation. Even children aren’t excluded from surveillance, as they have an id bracelet which logs locations, informing police and guardians if they veer off the normal routine. Overall, not a cool place to live in, even with unlimited energy.

The story is interesting overall however, despite reading only two volumes. As stated before, Mira and Kyouma . Both characters are strong enough to fight alone, and they work well on missions. The gruesome side of coils, called ‘The W Incarnate” is interesting, as it causes freak accidents to happen. The unknown origin of illegal coils possibly being central to Kyouma and Mira’s goal kept me reading.

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