Dragons Rioting Review

Dragons Rioting

Dragons Rioting Volume 1

An action packed ecchi written and drawn by Tsuyoshi watanabe. Unlike most ecchi where to protagonist is a pervert, the main character in Dragons Rioting is the opposite. He was born with a disease which may cause him to die after being sexually aroused. Ever since his childhood, Rintaro Tachibana has avoided anything perverted for the sake of his life. Now age 16 and after training in the mountains since 7 years old, it is time for him to return to school. With his disease in mind, Rintaro decides to pick a school which he thinks might be an all male school. So he picks a fighting school, however, unbeknownst to him, the school was the biggest all girls school until recently.

Dragons Rioting’s plot has a rather unique compared to most Ecchis. The mc’s values and morals are completely oposite from other mc’s in this genre. Reason being is his disease called hentai syndrome which can cause death during sexual excitement. Simply put, he can’t get excited because his heart might stop beating. Its a nice change of pace and the manga’s real focus is fighting. Since Rintaro had the disease hes trained with his father since the age of 7. After honing his skills over 9 years hes become a skillful fighter. This all ties into where the setting of the story takes place. Like mentioned before in the intro, he accidentally joined a previous all girls fighting school. The biggest one at that.






The manga, although an ecchi, primarily focuses on the fighting aspects. Intentionally or not, the series makes a parody of comedy and ecchi throughout the series. Often making references to other series like final fantasy, dragon ball z and other series like manga and anime. Anyways, back to the action in this series. In Dragons Rioting, action is not anyway realistic. We have characters with otherworldly strength. Able to destroy buildings with ease or cause craters on impact. Or earth bend the ground into walls, so if your looking for some realistic fighting. This series might not be for you.

The characters

Dragons rioting volume 2


Dragons Rioting has four main characters, 3 of them which are female(see image above). Each has their own variety of characteristics. For example we have the strong and reckless Kyouka. She has a stern face but during battle shows a snake like expression. Next up is the cold calculating and emotionless Rino. Her facial expressions always remain the same so her character focuses more on her goals. The next one is Ayane, shes more of a normal character. Her only feature that stands out is her desire to improve which leads her to be Rintaro’s pupil. Lastly is Rintaro, as mentioned before hes very skillful in fighting but has a hentai disease. Personalty hes my favorite character because its always funny to see his reactions of panty shots. Really adds to and helps define him as a character. Each main character has their own arcs where they get developed further more by using events like festivals or summer vacation.

The art

Dragons Rioting Volume 1


First off all, the art is amazing. The detail in character design really stands out. Tsuyoshi put a lot of effort especially in clothing, like creases, lines and nipples but more importantly panty shots. Since its tagged as ecchi, there’s no problem here folks. Anyways, for the action scenes, take note from above. He put some serious work into that Ganshai Suida and that really reflects upon the rest of the series. When it comes to action expect it to be grand like an amazing display of art. Since Rintaro uses a combination of ki and abilities from the animals like tigers, bulls or wolfs there’s a good variety of abilities just from the main character alone. Lastly, some of the comedy itself comes from character reactions. Like the image above, Tsuyoshi likes to draw his characters with funny looking eyes or facial expressions to bring life to their emotions.


Dragons Rioting, was an enjoyable read for me. I really enjoyed every battle because of the comedy that came from Rintaro’s disease. His fear of panty shots didn’t get old. Neither did his crazy abilities he used to get out of such situations. The one problem I ran into was that all the volumes are yet to be published in the US. Currently there’s only 5 volumes out. I really wanted to see the ending but even the translations on the web are at chapter 30 and have been there for almost 2 years. So I’m out of luck and will be waiting to read the continuation when its released in the US.

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