Elfen Lied Manga Review

Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied Volume 1

The manga best known for its violence and often refered to as perverted is Elfin Lied. Published in June 6, 2002, and created by the author Lynn Okamoto is what some call a masterpiece. This manga is also very famous for being gruesome. There are many scenes of Lucy tearing people apart and there are a lot of scenes with naked girls but this manga has a variety of characters you might have second thoughts about. You will get the impression that some characters are black and white but as the story progresses they really get fleshed out nicely.

This story follows a little mutant girl named Lucy. At a very young age Lucy was captured and imprisoned because she became very dangerous. With extensive experiments they managed to keep her bound and locked away for a very long time. Lucy like many Diclonius have the power to control what the scientists call “vectors” we see them as multiple hands they project with their mind. Their vectors can affect physical objects and infect people biologically. Their strength and distance they can affect with their vectors varies but in Lucy’s case she can affect anything in a 2 meter radius and holds a catastrophic amount of power later in the series. Other than their mental abilities they look just like humans besides their horns on their head. Also in the manga diclonius have many variation of colored hair but in the anime they changed all diclonius hair to pink.

Elfen Lied

A picture of Lucy using her Vectors to attack.

The first characters we are acquainted with are Lucy, Kouta, Mayu, Kurama, bando and Yuka. Lucy, Kouta and Mayu in particular have had terrible childhoods. Her parents disowned her at a young age and she stayed at an orphanage. Lucy had a rough time in the orphanage. The children would bully her for not being human. At this point in time Lucy trusted no one but her pet dog she fed outside the orphanage. One day she befriended another child and she mentioned the pet she owned. Shortly after that child quickly told the others and they forced Lucy to watch as they killed her friend. Enrage Lucy had enough and killed every single person in the room. The government imprisoned her for being dangerous to society.

Kouta at first seemed like a boy who had a decent childhood, he would spend a lot of his summer with his cousin Yuka but 8 years ago his little sister got sick and died along with his father who died tragically in a car accident. Soon after he met Lucy his life started to change and the trauma of his childhood resurfaced. Mayu was another child who suffered greatly but she had no parents pass away. She instead had an abusive step-father and a mother who cared only about her husband. Eventually Mayu had enough and ran away from home. With no where else to go she slept in public areas or abandoned shacks.

When first introduced Kurama comes off as very controlling and willing to sacrifice people’s lives. When Lucy breaks she takes a hostage who happened to be very close to Kurama, his secretary. Despite knowing her and working with her for what we can guess is quite some time he is willing to sacrifice her so they can capture Lucy. Next we have Bando a special assault team operative. He has a tough guy attitude and openly admits he just joined the team so he can legally kill people. Really nasty impression he left on me at the start. Now last person is Lucy. She has had a decent childhood and has been good friends with Kouta. When Kouta returned, Yuka was happy because she can finally be with him again.

Elfen Lied has been a very successful story through the years because of its strong character development and violence. I enjoyed the few volumes before making this review but for those who enjoy their art. Elfen Lied really lacks in that aspect but it only have 80 or so chapters. Not much time to improve its art throughout the series but still decent.

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