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This rom-com story is written by Yuyuko Takemiya and drawn by Akira Kasukabe. In Evergreen, the story follows Hotoka Yoshimatsu. President of the manga club who looks like any regular honor student. However, Hotoka holds a bitter melancholic outlook on his life and is always looking at Nika Awaya, the beautiful, radiant and super cheerful swimming ace of the swiming club. As president of a manga club and honor student, why does he hold such views bitter views on his life?

Well, our club president’s has some reason why he views himself with a sort of hate or regret. Hotoka was unlucky for he was born with a sickly heart which prevented him any physical activities and thus has excused himself from classes for personal reasons. Until one day, when the gym teacher asks him to take a makeup test for never participating. For what seemed to be just a one-on-one test, turned out to be something unexpected for our club president. After finishing his test, Hotoka somehow manages to befriend the the swimming club ace, Nika. Now with his new friendship, Hotoka’s is now brimming with joy and excitement for what he hopes will become something more than just friendship.

The story, has such a really good and interesting start. When we are first introduced to Hotoka, the author holds back some details about his life. Specifically his father and that puts a whole lot of importance on him. Hes the reason Hotoka has such downwards views on himself. As the story progresses it reviles important info just when the reader needs it. However, the drama can be sickening at times. Mostly because of misunderstandings and partly because of how Hotoka views himself as. But because of how it progresses it’s easy to understand why Hotoka would believe interpretations given by others or his own misinterpretations. Still, as it nears towards the end, some parts really fall short and take away from the story. The climax in this story comes shockingly fast and leaves the reader with an unsatisfying closer.

The Comedy

Comedy in Evergreen

The comedy in this series has a lot to do with the art and emotions the characters are feeling. Its great and works really well with the progression. It acts as somewhat of just comedic relief from the drama which can somewhat drag on at times. The story doesn’t inject the comedy when important points of the story show up which is great. Romance and drama are kept separate from the comedy and this prevents the themes from being diluted in the story. So don’t expect those moments to be ruined.

The Characters

Evergreen, Friends

I really enjoyed every character in Evergreen, they were really well done. Even the supporting characters played some importance that helped progress the story. They also don’t seem like simple characters, for example one particular character likes to “put on airs” around girls. Hes quite popular with the ladies so at first it doesn’t seem like much but in fact he just playing along with them and hiding his true feelings. As for our main characters Niki and Hotoka. Hotoka as I said before is just a whirlpool of sadness. With his gloomy outlook on his future he struggles a lot with himself. Believing he is doomed for a short life, it prevents him from really enjoying what little time he may have. Meanwhile, Niki, has a interesting personality. While she looks like a brimming sun, deep down she has a lot of problems with her life.

The Art

Evergreen art

I really enjoyed the art in Evergreen but before I get to why I enjoyed it, I should point out what it lacks. First off, the backgrounds aren’t spectacular. For example there’s a lack of props in the background. The setting is the school so logically speaking, there should be lots of things. We should see an arrangement of utensils needed for class and bookshelves but there’s not. What we do get is just characters and tables. Almost like the picture’s shown in this post. Anyways, with that out of the way. The reason I enjoyed a lot of the art was because of how alive the characters are. Each shows different feelings and props to Akira for drawing such a living world with characters and little background.

In conclusion, Evergreen was great. Despite the bad taste I had at the end I still believe it was a good manga. I got a lot of laughs and there was a good amount of emotional and enjoyable moments in the series. Its also quite short with only 23 chapters (4 volumes) and that’s another perk. So if your into a short series like this than check it out.

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