Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Volume 1. Coolkyousinnya

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Volume 1.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is a light hearted manga by Coolkyousinnjja. We follow Kobayashi and her maid, Tohru in their ‘ordinary’ everyday life. Tohru, however, is no ordinary maid. She’s a Dragon! and one powerful enough to end the world. Despite this strange part, Tohru is a cute maid who tries her best for Kobayashi. And while she can be strange at times, Tohru will always make you laugh.

Kobayashi is a office lady who lives, or lived alone, in a apartment complex. She met Tohru one night while piss drunk, and invited her to live in her apartment. Kobayashi accepts that Tohru is a powerful dragon, and treats her as just a person. She has a level head in any situation, not showing her surprise after Tohru transformed from dragon to human in front of her. When drunk however, Kobayashi becomes rash, openly criticizing things she dislikes.

Tohru is a dragon who met Kobayashi atop a mountain one night. It was Kobayashi who saved Tohru that night, causing her to fall in love. Tohru’s becomes Kobayashi maid, doing chores around the apartment, flying her to work when late, or cooking for her to show her love. Her love leads her to do questionable things such as mouthwash Kobayashi’s underwear (or sniff it), stating that her saliva is just as clean, if not cleaner than the washing machine. Tohru is a proud dragon and hates being outdone, once stating how she’s a better ride than the subway train. She also despises religion, hoping Kobayashi doesn’t follow those ‘deceptive gods’, and planning on erasing Christmas from the calendar.

Best Dragon.

Kanna is another dragon Kobayashi takes in after meeting her. She’s a petite girl when in human form, and likes Tohru, initially hating Kobayashi for stealing her. Kanna is banished from the other world after playing too many pranks, but stops doing them after living with the others. She recharges her power though power outlets, as her power is electricity. After a while, she begins to attend grade school, and becomes friends with everyone.

Cuteness Incarnate.

In this world, dragons and other mythical creatures don’t exist. They do, however, exist in the other world, which is the home world of Tohru and Kanna. Not much is known of that world, only that dragons, goblins, heroes and presumably gods exist, and that they can cross over to our world. Everyone from this world is able to use magic, as they conceal themselves in our world using magic. They love conventions though, as it allows them to undo their magic and act as cosplayers so none notices. There are also other dragons on earth, some of which we meet after Tohru invites them over for christmas.

The art is adorable, as the characters appear fluffy and cute. At times, even Tohru is shown in a chibi like way in her dragon form, loosing the detail inĀ  her scales. This series has no plot, yet it does great because it doesn’t need it. The everyday scenes of Tohru, Kanna and Kobayashi doing stuff kept me reading because it was enjoyable. This series is a calming read, and i felt no rush reading, taking my time though each chapter while drinking some hot cocoa.

Just in case you don’t know, this series has gotten an anime! It’s airing at the beginning of next year, 2017. So go ahead and watch it to see and hear the trio go about their unusual daily life. On another note, only volume one is out in the US currently, so it’s a relatively new series here.


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