Flying Witch Review

Cover of Flying Witch

Cover of Flying Witch Volume 1. Pending English Cover.

We dive into another series full of strange things with Flying Witch by Chihiro Ishizuka. In this world, witchs, ghosts and other supernatural beings exist under the cover of ‘secrecy’. Sadly, witches are a dying breed, as many youngsters prefer to move to cities and abandon their way of life. Despite their lowering population, witches are still somewhat important, as they help couriers of seasons and the other supernatural life.

We follow Makoto, a new witch who has moved in with relatives in the countryside in Aomoi. While she is a acceptable witch, her sense of direction makes it hard for her to navigate without a helper. Luckily, her familiar Shade the cat is there for her, and guides her when needed. As a witch, Makoto knows a bit about herbs and spells, and not much of anything else. This is why she moved as she wanted to learn more about nature and grow as a witch. She also has a sister, Akane, who is a witch as well.

Kei is Makoto’s Second Cousin and goes to the same class as her. He is the son of a farmer, and thus very knowledgeable on plants and other fauna. Because of this, he helps Makoto out with farming and foraging so she can learn more about nature.

Chinatsu is Kei’s little sister and a grade school student. Initially wary of Makoto, after seeing her witch powers Chinatsu becomes interested. She is curious about witchcraft, and tags along with Makoto whenever possible. After Akane appears, Chinatsu decides to become a witch, and ends up as Akane’s apprentice.

Makoto Offering a Mandrake, quite a rare find indeed.

For the most part, we follow Makoto throughout her days meeting new people just like her, such as witches and other supernatural beings. We see the occasional school scene with Nao, a classmate of both Makoto and Kei. Akane drops by often to play and teach some witchcraft. Inukai, a local witch, drops by as well and is an example of witchcraft gone wrong, as she’s now half dog. While the cafe is a nice example of witchcraft used for the benefit of others, as even forest beings visit to eat and socialize.

Despite this being a slice of life manga, the background art is unexpectedly great!

The world of Flying Witch is just like our normal world, if you leave the witch side out. There’s no action, as witches don’t have powers to disrupt the world, and as they aren’t hunted anymore, they live in peace. There’s not much comedy as well, and at most it’ll make you snicker. The main allure to this series is for those who don’t mind a story about a witch’s everyday and somewhat unusual normal life. The background art is a huge plus too, as it has great detail.

Flying Witch is not yet release in English, as you may have noticed due to the Japanese Volume 1. As a side note, the one shot version was super interesting, sadly none of that story made it over to this version. Then again, it would have changed the atmosphere completely as well. Anyways, Volume one will hit the shelves on March 28, 2017, so if you enjoyed it like me (I read 2 volumes so far), be sure to pick it up at the store!

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