Sakamoto desu ga

Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto

Sakamoto Volume 1

Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto.

This fun short comedy is written and drawn by Nami Sano. The story follows the cool adventures of the oh so popular high school student, Sakamoto. When it comes to good looks, intelligence, athleticism and kindness-he has it all. He is the very definition of perfection. He can evade any trap or trick with elegance and ease. There is nothing that Sakamoto can not overcome with excellence.

Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto, is a series with a episodic story to it. Each chapter is somewhat of a standalone and that’s okay with this genre. It is a comedy after all so its what one would expect. As mentioned before, Sakamoto is the most popular student in school and hes only just a first year. Hes not just cool either, hes a very exceptional being and is always lending a hand through whatever means he can. Almost every chapter when faced with a challenge either directly or by proxy, Sakamoto always has a way to turn it around for the benefit of others. The writer adds a touch of cleverness, comedy or inspiration to tie in every chapter at the end.

The Comedy

Sakamoto desu ga volume 1


Many of you might already remember seeing this before. The scene above is from Sakamoto and its been quite popular in image boards before. The comedy in Sakamoto follows a clever pattern both explainable or explainable. Most of which is always resonating from what Sakamoto does in a tight situation. Like above, it can be unexplainable. Almost like he some kind of God, and it can be hilarious because of that. You can expect things like, Sakamoto dueling with a bee using only pencils. Or Sakamoto, elegantly dodging a mother whos head over heels in love with Sakamoto. Other times Sakamoto is coming up with silly ways to solve a problem, like dancing around fire to put it out. Even the characters around Sakamoto bring comedy to life in this series. Like their crazy reactions and facial expressions to what Sakamoto does.

The Characters.

sakamoto desu ga chapter 1

First of all the characters present in the series are nicely developed. They have different opinions and act on their own but it always involves Sakamoto. Whether it would be envy, hate or desire. In the few chapters that this series has, most of them involve character development. Each character is directly or indirectly developed due to the actions of Sakamoto. Some grow to love him, others grow to enjoy him. Now in Sakamoto’s case, hes just a perfect main character. Hes exactly as described in the first volume “cool, cooler, coolest”. He can do virtually anything. Whenever presented with a challenge, he faces it head on with pure confidence. He also remains clam at every turn and always seeks to find the true meaning of their battle. Enemy or ally, there’s always someone who benefits from Sakamotos enchanting presence.

The Art.



Just like the main character of the series, its amazing. Every chapter is filled with great background and characters. The artist did an amazing job bringing the school in which Sakamoto resides in to life. The images above are perfect example of what to expect in this phenomenal manga. With a variation of the darkness and thickness of lines, the artist did a great job to make it easy to differentiate what they wear. Like above, the characters are wearing cloud like costumes and you really don’t need much explanation to easily understand that. Its simple and good. As for how characters are moving the best example is Sakamotos movements. Whenever you see Sakamoto, the art just speaks to you “perfect” his movements are perfect, his actions are excellence and his presence is almost divine. He is an enigma and the art makes you believe it to be so.


Haven’t you Heard? I’m Sakamoto, was a hell of a read. I remember seeing that image of him floating in the air a while back that got me interested in this series. Now after finally reading and completing the series, I am in fact satisfied. The series came to an amazing close and as a result it didn’t leave anything unsolved. Finally, there’s really nothing I disliked at all. Overall I enjoyed every page and chapter and I’m sure you might too.

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