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Joshi Kausei Volume 1

Joshi Kausei Volume 1 Cover

If you’re looking for something unique, look no further than Joshi Kausei, by Ken Wakai. This manga is a silent series, having no dialog between characters. If anything, you’ll be reading text messages and signs across the environment, along with the sound effects, of course. This makes for a new experience, so get ready, and jump on in!


As this manga is a “Silent Manga”, we have no dialog, and instead must focus all our attention to the actions of the characters. Thus, Momoko’s actions and reactions make up the missing text, so pay attention!

We begin with a certain high school girl, Momoko, and her day to day shenanigans at school and outside. Momoko does what she wants, whenever she wants. Throughout the chapters, we see her doing things on a whim, and being entertained by anything that catches her attention. Momoko is sometimes accompanied by her friends, Mayumi and Shibumi, fellow classmates of hers. These two other people, Mayumi and Shibumi go along with Momoko’s antics, but only Momoko usually pays for some of the more crazy things they do. As such, we spend our time seeing how these three spend their time together, and how fun they have.


Momoko Futo is our head, and a simple high school girl who loves having fun. She has a sweet tooth, and pays for it after a few chapters as she goes in for a dentist appointment. She can appear to be a delinquent, but after you get to know her a bit, Momoko is actually a nice person. Momoko is a kind girl, whom gets along with anyone she comes across, whether a stranger on the street or a fellow student at class. Not exactly known for her seriousness, Momoko loves to pull pranks on her friends. She is prone to do random things, but keeps them at playful amounts, and doesn’t overdo it.

Dentist tools really are scary, aren’t they?

Mayumi Furui is a fellow classmate of Momoko and Shibumi. She was a transfer student whom entered their school some time ago. Initially scarred of Momoko for her Yankee like attitude and appearance, Mayumi warmed up to her one day after both played together. Nowadays, Mayumi tags along with Momoko and enjoys every moment of fun. She seems to be exempt from the school uniform, using her old school uniform instead. This could be due to her small stature, and there not being a uniform of her size.

Mayumi, Momoko and Shibumi having fun after school, trying to outrun a train. A nice, simple Scene.

Shibumi Shibusawa is Momoko’s childhood friend, and classmate. When Shibumi was younger, she was the class president and out of jealousy, banned key chains. This didn’t fit well with most students, and they grew to hate her. After being gifted a hair accessory, two kids harassed her and destroyed her hair accessory. This, however, was when Momoko stepped in and repaired the accessory with her own key chain, starting their friendship. Shibumi is a serious person, and while she sticks around Momoko, Shibumi won’t take her antics every time.

Momoko disliking Shibumi being taller than her.

Thoughts on the Series

Joshi Kausei is a great manga and it’s focus on character actions and interactions is a nice change of pace. With no dialog, I found myself reading slowly, as I enjoyed their interactions and the art fully. I must note though that you shouldn’t rush through with the chapters just because there’s no text. I found myself admiring the pages every here and there, so it took me a while to get through them surprisingly. In fact, since this series seems to have even less content than some other slice of life manga, it really is interesting how it manages to keep me hooked.

The characters seem alive to me, despite there being not talk, only sound effects. I get the impression that Momoko would be the talkative type, with a loud laugh and a great comedian. Mayumi would probably be quite a lot, as she seems like the shy kind. While Shibumi seems like the strict type, and would have a serious tone around her. But, and I say but, I think I would still prefer it without text. There really is something charming about silent entertainment after all, right?

Anyways, while you can’t buy a volume of Joshi Kausei on Amazon, you can read it on Crunchyroll. The only thing though is that you need Premium Membership. Go ahead and give it a shot!

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