Knights of Sidonia

Knights of Sidonia

Knights of Sidonia Volume 1

The manga, Knights of Sidonia, is written and drawn by Tsutomu Nihei. The story takes place in the far future where humanity has left the confines of planet earth to venture and survive in space. They fled earth not because of any lack of resource but because it was destroyed. Destroyed by the Gauna, an ancient species which to this day hunts and haunts humanity. Tsutomu has enriched this story with sci-fi and with a bleak future of what could be.

The space odyessy of Sidonia is a great story. Not because its anything staggering in terms of writing and character development. I mean at first its definitely not because of the writing.  Its simple, the Gauna attack and humanity defends itself. The reason why its so amazing is because of the setting. Your in Tsutomu’s vision of the future and its amazing. There’s genetic engineering, bears that can talk, mecha’s and ever changing technology. Its what most would expect to find in the future. Tsutomu didn’t forget to explore even some of the physics and science involved. Although its not perfect, this story takes a chance and attempts to solve some issues in many galactic stories and that’s what puts it above many others.

Knights of Sidonia, Ship

The ship “Sidonia”

Like I mentioned earlier, Sidonia harbors many parts in the story where technology advances. In this future humanity was forced to being a voyage in space and because of lack of resources humanity had to change. In order to save food Sidonia had to use genetic engineering so humans can photosynthesize and preserve resources. There are also many who are now just clones of the original with slight differences like gender. Some even decide to chose no gender and because of this some can reproduce with either gender.  As for the coming battles the main character uses new technology and at times it feels like deus ex. However because of the ever changing technology the battles always change. It never gets boring but in fact more exciting because of the ever changing frontier the main character faces.

Knights of Sidonia City

A view of the city within Sidonia.

Now when it comes to art, its great and amazing. What else would you expect from Tsutomu. Filled with loads of art to expect in every page, theres even a “100 sights of Sidonia”. As for the ship and its residential area to be more specific, has an intricate network of buildings and lodgings all bundled and spiraling around the rail gun. Tsutomu also did a good job on character design, not specifically the main character but his enemies. They are gigantic blobs ever morphing into different abominations that not only look scary but at times even familiar. There are some downsides to it, for example the action. I’m not sure why but Tsutomu made it really hard to distinguish whats actually going on during the fight scenes.

Knights of Sidonia, Gauna

The Gauna takes many forms.

The characters in this story are very interesting, not necessarily interesting in development but in design. Due to technology in this world, humans have transcended our current means of life. Some are no longer male or female, some are immortal, and others are bears. That’s a lot of variety in characters but as mentioned before, they lack development. Its a shame really but its impossible to write a story without its flaws. Anyways the main character Nagate is really two-dimensional, hes a plain nice guy and that’s all to it. He doesn’t get much development and stays relatively the same throughout the series. However his actions do effect the outcome of the story. He doesn’t always win and sometimes his actions cause harm to others. Its a real plus when the story tries to add realism to actions.

I really enjoyed reading this story. Its attempts at science and realism caught my interest to read and I’m glad I did. However I did have some issues with the science for example, in the series they use Higgs particles to cause damage to the enemy. I’m not sure if he ever explained how it worked but from current knowledge on the Higgs particles, it only gives mass to other particles. So im not quite sure how they incorporated mass to do damage to an enemy but that’s okay. Lastly, if you enjoyed other works of Tsutomi Nihei then you most certainly will enjoy Knights of Sidonia.

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