Maria Holic

Maria Holic

Maria Holic Volume 1.

We enter a holy school of a young maiden in Maria Holic by Endou Minari. This is a girls only school, and each student must adhere to strict guidelines in the pursuit of becoming an outstanding women. Kanako’s parents met and fell in love at that school, and it is where Kanako herself wishes to find her own.

Kanako Miyamae is our lead character and a new student at Ame no Kisaki. Kanako is a lesbian, and has enrolled in the girls only school to find a soulmate. Kanako is slave to Maria’s enchanting smile and beauty, making her a valuable toy for Maria. She acts as a typical shounen boy, getting nosebleeds when seeing stimulating things such as breasts or suggestive actions. Despite being at Mariya’s beck and call, Kanako has more than a few delusions involving other classmates, which make for some nice imaginative scenes. Despite attending a catholic school, she is not religious, instead being agnostic.

Mariya Shidou is our lovable (lol) tyrant who keeps Kanako on a leash. He isn’t a cross-dresser of his own will, but because of a contest to become chairman of both schools. His twin sister is posing as a boy in the all boys school of Ame no Kisaki. He is a master at manipulating people, and is able to get away with anything he does, especially bullying. More than anything however, is that Maria dislikes backtalk as he’ll crack and attack whoever does so. What he loves most is teasing and bullying Kanako, as her pained expressions are music to him. He dislikes women, thinking he is superior to all other students in the school.

Maria teasing Kanako in the morning.

Matsurika Shinoji is Mariya’s maid, and attendant in school. While normally quiet, when she speaks, she has a harsher tongue than even Mariya. Matsurika talks back to Mariya and trades insults, but she will always do what she wants, despite her comments. She is 100% tsun, and no dere according to her herself, meaning she’s all bite and no bark.

The dorm leader, while indeed a small girl, is unknown in age. As the dorm leader, she is addressed as Dorm leader, Boss, or even God, stating that betrayal is death. Kanako’s classmates are an interesting bunch, but get no big development. Some of them helping her after she is bullied, but they don’t do much in the end. They seem ignorant of her sexuality, and brush aside any borderline things she says or implies. The other students, however, dislike her for grabbing the attention of the popular girls, and are the reason of her bullying. I would assume some know of her tastes.

Maria Holic is a series full of comedy, but not the average comedy. We see jokes about sexual identity and other stuff some readers might not find so funny. But if you don’t mind the jokes, because that’s what they are, then Maria Holic is a good series for it. The romance seems more for just comedic affect, as Kanako likes any pretty girl, regardless of how they treat her and loves to spend time with them. This is obvious when Kanako

Another thing to note about this series, is that it’s very slice of life, so if you don’t like non action or thrilling moments, Maria Holic isn’t for you. I will admit that there where times that I found the scenes boring, but Kanako would make a scene to keep it interesting. Honestly, it’s defining aspect is the odd pair of main characters, which do make it worth while to give a shot at.

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