Mayo Chiki!

Mayo Chiki

Mayo Chiki volume 1

The manga Mayo Chiki is written by Hajime Asano and drawn by Neet. Its a well written diverse rom-com is about a gynophobe, cross dresser along with a crazy arrangement of wacky characters. There’s a lot to expect in this series from its comedy, romance and art.

The story begins with our Main character Kinjiro(the gynophobe) walking in on the schools number one pretty boy Konoe Subaru in the bathroom while wearing… girls underwear. After this Konoe and her master Kanade confront Kinjiro and settle on a agreement. With their goal of keeping Kinjiro quiet about this, they decide to hold him hostage with his fear of women. They ask for him to keep quiet and in return they will attempt to get rid of his fear of women. Not a bad start to the story, very interesting and has a lot of room for progress. Since MC has a big fear of women this leads to a lot of comedy to come from this. With his constant nosebleeds and at time fainting, it can lead to some funny situations.

Still as the story slowly progresses into romance, so does the tempo change. It becomes somewhat more lacking in storytelling and it can become somewhat boring. The comedy can get repetitive because most of the time its just Kinjiro getting punched in the face. As for the romance, its kind of stale with a constant slew of girls telling their confessions to him whilst punching him. Just feels like the author is just trying to come up with a way to develop the story while keeping the punching bag. Still despite MC getting berated with confessions he keeps his composure and really focuses on who he actually likes.

Mayo chiki scooter

The characters presented in this story are alright and there’s a bit of a variety. For example there’s a Schrodinger loli, a tsundere and a over loving sister. Meanwhile others don’t quite fit the stereotype, for example Suzutsuki and Konoe. I really enjoyed most of the characters, with our MC he can be very entertaining to read. Hes polite and because of his gynophobia it leads him to progress differently from other rom-coms. He knows his issue and he does try to overcome it, he doesn’t always want to be afraid and that makes him amazing. As for Konoe, shes a great female lead because she really works hard to prove herself. Often overcome her deepest fears so she can protect those she loves.

Mayo chiki manga art

Some of the art I liked. This one’s really simple but nice.

The art in Mayo Chiki proves to exceed expectations. The character designs are great and the backgrounds are good enough. The characters do show emotion through drawing as it should because its a romance. The gestures are on point and you can get quite the laugh from just looking at the manga. Pannel placements and bubbles are good to, they don’t really get in the way of the art. All of this helps and without good art, this series would not be as good as it is. I’m not trying to downplay the characters and story but rather state an opinion because I believe art is as important as story.

Mayo chiki Trap

Mc-kun being seduced

Overall Mayo Chiki is a solid story. With its art and characters it easily can stand on its toes. Very enjoyable read and lives up to the standards. The comedy can be great but it does lose some momentum later in the story. Although that might just be a problem with myself. I’m sure you might get more enjoyment than I did, but I thought this series was for the most part fun to read.

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