Monster Musume

Monster Musume

Monster Musume Volume 1.

We jump now into the wonderful world of Monster Musume by Okayado, where monster girls or Liminals coexist with humans. The Liminals before a few years ago where unknown to the world, living in secret. “The Inter-species Cultural Exchange Accord” was the law that formally began the process of assimilation, with the help of volunteers. These volunteers work as Host families, and help the monster girls integrate into modern society.

Kimihito Kurusu is our lead man, and the center of a dangerous battle of love. He is the host for our main monster girl cast, and is the target of their affection. Interestingly enough, none calls him by his name, and everyone has a nickname for him, such as Darling, Boss, and Master. He has a good nature, and hardly ever gets angry at people, and worries about others more than himself. His kindness has no barrier, as he sees any monster girl as just a girl, making him capture the hearts of many monster girls.

Miia is a Lamia, and the first Liminal that Kimihito hosted. She fell in love with him when he treated her with kindness despite her half snake body. She refers to him as ‘Darling’, and instantly tries to seduce him and elope. As a Lamia, she has certain disabilities such as having no sense of taste, or sensitivity to cold temperatures. She also is 7 meters long, prompting the government to increase Kimihito’s house in size. Her coiling grip is also strong, and nearly is the end of Kimihito when she’s overly excited.

Miia next to Kimihito. Best girl right here.

Papi is a Harpy, and despite her looks, is a woman the same age as Miia. As a harpy, She Initially viewed Kimihito as a brother/sibling, but vies for his affection after being seen as a potential marriage partner. Papi has difficulty understanding laws and order, and has a low educational level. She has high wing strength to take herself and another person on a flight with no problem, once taking even Miia on a trip. Her childish personality makes her hate anything complicated, and likes to play to spend the time.

Papi saving a child from falling.

Centorea is a Centaur, and the third person to join Kimihito. She is free to pick her ‘Master’ or Host family due to Centaur tradition, and chooses Kimihito after running into him Manga style. She falls for him after he gallantly protected her from a purse thief who used her sword against her. As a Centaur, she sees herself as a servant and knight of Kimihito, who she protects.

Centorea chasing a purse thief, with Kimihito in tow.

Suu is a illegal and unknown Slime monster who takes residence in Kimihito’s house one day. Despite being a hassle, Suu has a warm heart, and will help those in trouble near her. Though she will go somewhat berserk when looking for water, attacking all three girls when they where wet. Meroune Lorelei is a Liminal whom Kimihito saved, and also his new exchange student. She is a mermaid, and seems to have pursuers whom are not government agents, showing that she has a mysterious background.

Suu saving the same girl Papi once did. Be more careful next time, yeah?

Monster Musume is a great romantic comedy, as we see the main cast vie for Kimihito’s affection everyday. their fight is like a war battle everyday, and he faces life threatening situations yet gets by with only a ‘scratch’. Needless to say, he’s perfectly fine next chapter and ready for another battle. While some of their actions to capture his heart are questionable, you can’t help but root for them every time.

Meroune, introducing herself at the end of volume 2.


The characters feel alive, as their ever changing expressions bring them to life. With all the characters being different sub species, it adds a special uniqueness to all of them. Papi can’t hold items, as her hands are wings, Miia can’t make good food due to her low tasting sense, Centorea as a horse probably doesn’t eat meat, Suu can’t go into big bodies of water, and Meroune can’t stay out of water for long as a mermaid. These disabilities add to their character, and make them feel more life-like, as each has their own weakness. Overall, for a romantic comedy, Monster Musume is a great read, and worth every dollar I spent on these two volumes.

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