Monthly Girls Nozaki-Kun

Monthly Girl's Nozaki-kun Volume 1.

Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun Volume 1.

We head into a normal high school in Monthly Girls Nozaki-Kun, by Izumi Tsubaki. In this story, we follow a girl in love, as she tries her best to convey her feelings to her crush. Her confession doesn’t go as intended though, and she ends up helping with his manga!


Chiyo Sakura tried and failed to express her feelings to Umetarou Nozaki after school one day. Instead of saying ‘I like You’, she said ‘I’m your Fan’, making her get a autograph instead. Bewildered, Sakura went home wondering who he was, until noticing the same name on her Shoujo magazine. As it turns out, Nozaki is a shoujo manga artist, and a popular one at that! Now, Chiyo helps Nozaki on his manga in order to get closer and confess, this time for real. However, Chiyo isn’t the only person helping Nozaki on his manga as she soon learns. Will these other helps be obstacles in her quest for Nozaki? or are they just that, helpers.


Chiyo Sakura is a high school girl, and talented at art. She is of short stature, though she doesn’t let that get her down. Chiyo is a friendly girl, getting along with the rashest characters in the series just fine. After helping Nozaki with his manga one day, she sticks around and becomes an assistant to spend more time together. Chiyo is devoted to Nozaki, as while he doesn’t show any interest in her, she doesn’t back down.

The main pair, with Nozaki on the right and Chiyo on the left. You can see their large difference in height.

Umetarou Nozaki is a High school student and full time manga artist, which he works under the pen name Yumeno Sakiko. As Yumeno, he known for writing heart warming stories that reveal how a girl’s heart works. While he writes these stories, Nozaki in reality shows little delicacy in daily life. Due to his job as a manga artist, Nozaki doesn’t have any hobbies, cursing himself whenever he finishes early. It is shown that Nozaki has a habit of taking the people he knows and turning them into characters in his manga, much to their dismay.

Mikoshiba is Nozaki’s friend and helper. He is a haughty guy, who gets ahead of himself when praised or shown attention, but instantly regrets it. Despite his attitude, Mikoshiba is a frail hearted guy, as he instantly becomes embarrassed or pleads for forgiveness if he does something rashly. Due to his personality, Nozaki used him as the inspiration for his manga’s female protagonist, Mamiko.

Mikoshiba on the right, next to a hidden Kashima. Poor Mikoshiba doesn’t have a partner.

Yuzuki Seo is Chiyo’s friend and classmate, and the attacker of Wakamatsu. She has an issue with saying what’s on her mind, as it always ends up angering or insulting someone. Seo doesn’t do this on purpose, making her always wonder why people hate her, leading to some misunderstandings about herself. It seems that Seo likes Wakamatsu to a degree, as she always targets him during practice, and goes out with him at times.

Wakamatsu and Seo after a practice match.

Hirotaka Wakamatsu is Nozaki’s junior and old basketball teammate from junior high. He has a upbeat personality, only to have it shattered by Seo during practice. He dislikes Seo due to constant physical abuse during practice, and tries to tell her that he dislikes her. This always doesn’t go like you would imagine, and Wakamatsu ends up giving her gifts and other things, making them seem like a pair.

Masayuki Hori is president of the Drama club, and the background artist for Nozaki. He keeps Kashima on a tight leash, as she likes to play hooky instead of attend the practice at the club. Hori was once the main actor in the club, but passed it on to Kashima after she joined, thinking she was a guy. Hori seems to only lash out when it involves Kashima, as he is usually a calm guy when not thinking of her.

The relationship of Kashima and Hori.

Yu Kashima is the main actor in the Drama club, and the prince of the school despite being a girl. She has a easy time getting girl’s hearts, and sweet talking them into spending time with her. After finding a shoujo manga in Hori’s school bag, Kashima gets the irrational thought that Hori secretly wants to be a girl. This leads to her harassing Hori to the point of him loosing his temper at times. Kashima thinks of herself as the cute junior of Hori, and enjoys the attention she gets from him including the physical abuse.

Thoughts on the series

Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun has a wonderful cast making for hilarious scenes. As this series has quite a big main cast, I’m happy that all characters are enjoyable, and I never feel bored reading. I not only enjoyed Chiyo and Nozaki’s  interactions, but all the others as well. In particular, the drama club’s members Kashima and Hori were the rowdiest, making for some of the most hilarious scenes. Seo and Wakamatsu probably have the most potential romantic scenes, but are mostly hindered by both of their obliviousness. Mikoshiba makes for some embarrassing scenes (only for himself though), making it fun to see him struggle.

The side characters are amazing, and i like each one. Unlike other series, Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun manages to make them just as colorful and enjoying as the others. The editors Ken and Maeno are an interesting bunch. Nozaki’s treatment of Ken being like a saint, yet clicking his tongue when Maeno appears shows how they appear in his eyes. Ken is a straightforward guy who pays no heed to anything but work, while Maeno will Ignore any work unless it involves tanuki. Nozaki’s manga characters make appearances here an there, showing their undying love one way or another when Nozaki is veering off the usual manga plot.

Overall, Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun is a great read for comedy and a spice of romance. Everyone in this series adds something, and I can’t bring myself to hate any of them (except for Maeno-san, he’s on a new level). Something to note though, is that this series only has four panels per page, being a 4 koma manga. As such, it will have even more comedy here on out, but probably not as much romance. Still, this manga is worth giving a shot, so try it out!

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