No-6 Volume 1

No.6 is a story that follows two boys with completely different outlooks on life. Who both team up to discover the inner workings of the so called “utopia” and discover its dark secrets along the way. There is quite a bit of action, mystery and drama all withing No. 6.

The story, albeit not quite original, is very good and well done. It creates many opportunity for the characters to make throughout the series. The characters have to make tough decisions and each decision has a consequence. It does a good job to stay on track and advance while never failing to become boring or too predictable. There is very little writing that seems out of place and the characters really do feel like people who are just trying to change the world. There’s not a lot you can nitpick about its bad qualities besides the dystopian future setting.

The art in this manga is very beautiful and amazing. There is a lot of detail to the scenery and the characters are nicely drawn. Lots of facial expressions, body language, and backgrounds. You really get to understand the characters through the art as well. Nicely done all throughout the series and easy to follow. Meanwhile the action scenes are simple and clean. Its also not confusing like other series *cough*Tokyo Ghoul*cough*. Just simple and clean. Lastly the panels and bubbles have really great placement, they never get in the way.


Some of the characters. Fan art by 96mdr on Pixiv.

The characters in this series never fail to amuse me. Specifically the two main male characters, they have a bit of romance going on. Its not your stereotypical gay romance and there is no sex involved. Its just two guys who love each other very deeply and are willing to change for the better of their relationship. I don’t read any boys love but this manga really did a good job with male relationships. Besides the male cast, the rest of the characters feel realistic. Each with a realistic struggle and they don’t feel like just supporting characters. Each character matters in their own eyes and are just trying to be happy, survive or change.

I really enjoyed this series the whole time while reading it. I was expecting little in the story and characters but it shined through. Each chapter is full of progression and character development. With its plot driven by its always changing characters, there’s never a dull moment. Oh and I spent just as much time reading this series as I did looking at the art.

If you haven’t read No.6 I suggest you do. Even if your not into male relationships, you should still give it a try. If you happen to do so make sure you read the little side stories as well. Its called No.6+ and the stories don’t revolve around the world of the two main characters. It really adds to the world they live in.

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