Princess Resurrection

Princess Resurrection

Princess Resurrection Vol 1.

Princess Resurrection is a manga by Yasunori Mitsunaga. Set in Japan, the world is full of monsters hiding in the shadows. Ruling over them is a royal family and their loyal servants. Hime, the master of Hiro Hiyorimi, is a royal family member. Caught in between this battle between royals, Hiro must defend Hime from assassins to monsters.

Hiro was a normal kid before dying in a car accident. However, he met Hime after the accident, whom decided to revive him to be her servant. After his revival, he became Hime’s servant, as he needs her blood every so often, or he’ll die. Hiro is a half Immortal due to this, and becomes her shield in battles. At first he felt unsure of his duties, as he felt used by Hime to take the blows meant for her. This eventually is dispelled however, as Hime does care about him enough to get revenge for his mistreatment at the hospital.

Hime is a royal, and princess of monsters. She saved Hiro on a whim, and decided to make him her blood servant. Hime is a headstrong girl, not shying away from opponents. She shows no mercy to those who dare attack her, willing to kill those who try the same to her. She is indifferent to all older royal members except for her younger sister, as they try to kill her. Hime cares for the two servants she now has, as she lost all of her old servants in a battle before the start of the story.

There are two other characters in the story, Riza and ReiriRiza Wildman is a half werewolf and a freeloader at Hime’s place. She values honor above all, and would rather die a honorable death, than fight a dishonorable battle. Reiri Kamura is a vampire, and a occasional guest at Hime’s mansion. She attempted to take Hime’s blood once, but failed and was almost killed. Despite this, she enjoys spending time near her, finding it fun.

Princess Resurrection is a strange story, as each chapter seems to be a random new situation where they’re in danger yet again. The main interest is in the royal war, but it’s shown through assassins and others sent by other royals, not the royals themselves (except for the little sister, but she showed up only once, and randomly at that). The characters are interesting however, as Hime and her royal family are mostly a mystery. Riza is a strong werewolf who can stand up to even werewolf blood warriors, and Reiri does what she wants. This review is based off of only vol 1 and 2, but there’s not much development in the story, just more dangers. The next volumes could build upon it however, as there’s potential in the unknown family members and their servants.

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