Psyren Vol 1.

Psyren is a manga by Toshiaki Iwashiro, which has already finished publication. The story follows Ageha and his fellow drifters and their battle to survive a game. Dragged into this game where your life depends on, They work together to beat every call. Called by the mysterious Nemesis Q, they utilize PSI powers to survive and defeat strange creatures.

The game is not a simple survival game however, it’s a game to change the future. They are transported to a future in which the world is destroyed, and is a barren wasteland. Nemesis Q chooses people and gives them a card, which is their ticket to the game. Everyone chosen cannot speak of Psyren to anyone who is not a drifter. If they speak, Nemesis Q himself appears to silence the speaker by killing them. Due to this, Psyren is all but a myth to the world. Despite this, there is great interest in Psyren and Nemesis Q in the present.

The growing interest in Psyren and Nemesis Q has created new dangers. In the present, there are many who seek the secrets of Nemesis Q and Psyren, wanting to claim the 500 million yen reward. Set by a famous fortune teller for unknown reasons, the 500 million yen has caused people to seek the cards for themselves. These people go to great lengths to get them, even assaulting those who they know have one.

Ageha Yoshina is a high school student and the main character. He enters Psyren after Sakurako went missing, as she called out for his help the last time he saw her. He is a person who loves fighting, and justifies them by offering people help for only 10,000 yen. Despite his love for battle, he sincerely does like helping people, as he went out of his way to help Sakurako twice. He hates Nemesis Q for his twisted way of using the game, promising to punch him when he finds him. He has a mysterious power, as during his training, his emotions ran wild causing a enormous hole in Sakurako’s room.

Sakurako Amamiya is Ageha’s classmate and old friend. She has a screw or two loose in her head, as she suddenly shifts moods at times, and is quite ruthless. Sakurako is a veteran of Psyren, having gone to the future a few times already, and thus knows how to complete the trials. She is adept at using her PSI powers, excelling at Rise and Trance.

Hiryu Asaga is an old friend of both Ageha and Sakurako. He entered Psyren to find his classmate Tatsuo, who entered the game before him. Asaga feels responsible for Tatsuo’s disappearance, as he didn’t go with him initially. He is adept at using his powers, becoming skilled by the second call.

Two new character introduced near the end of vol 2, one being Mochizuki Oburo, a famous actor. He learned first hand about speaking of Nemesis Q, as he was nearly killed on live t.v. After this brush with death, he meets Ageha and the others in psyren. The other person is Kabuto Kirisaki, who initially entered to earn the cash prize. He too is saved by Ageha and the others, and decides to team up to live.

The series progresses quickly at first, making it somewhat confusing until you find out what’s going on. Despite this, Psyren is quite interesting, doing a nice twist on the game. The powers are a nice addition as well, as there is still some mystery behind it. As this review is based on only vol 1 and 2, there is still so much of the story left, and so many character yet introduced.

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