Rosario Vampire

Rosario Vampire

Rosario Vampire Vol 1.

Rosario Vampire is a manga by Akihisa Ikeda. The story centers on Tsukune Aono, a 16 year old who failed all the high school exams in his vicinity, and applied to Yokai Academy. Yokai Academy, however, is not a normal school, but a monster school! All the students are monsters, from werewolfs, vampires, succubus and more. And even worse, If the school finds out Tsukune’s human, there will be danger.

Tsukune Aono is a normal human who is attending Yokai Academy despite it being a monster school. Tsukune is not exactly bright, failing every high school exam and ending up at Yokai Academy. Due to this strange high school, Tsukune has had his live in jeopardy more than once. Almost all of these where due to his relationship with Moka, the most attractive girl on campus. Tsukune is in love with her, but is unsure of her feelings, as she usually just treats him as food. While Tsukune is physically weak due to being human, he has high willpower, being able to resist a succubus charm. Tsukune also is willing to protect his friends, taking blows meant for his friends, and even nearly dying trying to protect Moka from a fatal attack.

Moka Akashiya is a vampire, and Tsukune’s love interest. She seems interested in Tsukune, getting jealous whenever another girl tries to make a pass on him. She has yet, however, to realize this herself. There is two versions of Moka, the pink haired, and cheerful Moka, and the silver haired and headstrong Moka. This inner Moka is sealed away by a Rosario, which Tsukune removes when they’re in trouble. This other version of her initially dislikes Tsukune for constantly causing pain for outer Moka, but relaxes after he shows his will to protect outer Moka. When Tsukune nearly dies, Outer Moka injected him with Vampire blood, which turned Tsukune into a vampire for a few moments.

Moka Akayashi

Outer Moka on the left, Inner Moka on the right.

Kurumu Kurono is a succubus, and another girl after Tsukune’s love. She initially tried to take him away just to spite Moka, but after being saved by him, she fell in love herself. Kurumu is aggressive in her conquest, taking any opportunity to make Tsukune fall for her, but no longer tries to seduce him. While she is rivals with Moka, Kurumu values her friendship, and doesn’t try anything suspicious with Tsukune anymore. Kurumu cares for Tsukune even after finding out he’s possibly human, and goes to save him and Moka.

Yukari Sendou is a 11 year old witch who skipped grades, and was after Moka. Witches are detested in the monster world for not being full monster, and also don’t fit into the human world, due to not being full human. Yukari initially disliked Tsukune, as she was in love with Moka, but after Tsukune saved her she fell in love with him as well. She’s now after both Moka and Tsukune’s affection, wanting both to love her. Yukari’s a trickster, as she likes using her magic to play pranks on her classmates.

Rosario Vampire

The Main Characters, besides Tsukune. The 2nd from the left and 2nd from the right are introduced later in the story.

Ginei Morioka is a support character, who was initially an enemy. He framed Tsukune in order to get Moka alone. Despite being a werewolf on a full moon, he was defeated after the moon was hidden by clouds. After his defeat, he stays as the Newspaper president, and continues to be a lecher, but to a lesser extent. He protects everyone from a potentially fatal attack, showing he cares for his club members, despite not showing it.

This story at the start is simple. Tsukune is in love with Moka, but he needs to keep his humanity a secret from the students and faculty. Moka finds out, but she keeps it secret, as he’s her first friend. Most other students we meet come across as stuck up elitists, based on their strength as monsters. They usually try to attack Tsukune and his group, thinking they’re easy prey, or to forcibly take the girls. Of course, Moka ends up taking anyone like that down as Tsukune removes her seal. Seeing only her do anything is aggravating however, as she’s the only super strong character. This does change a bit, however, as we see the others in battle, showing that while they’re not as strong as Moka, they can stand their ground.

Many students of Yokai Academy seem to have a superiority complex, because every enemy acts as if they’re the pinnacle of life. They even look down upon fellow classmates if they’re weaker. The worst so far is the Academy Student Police, who enforce “justice”. This group is stated to be corrupt, as they shut down the newspaper club’s activities for not getting their “permission”, which Gin states is a bribe. Luckily, the group beats them down, showing that they weren’t so tough after all.

Yokai Academy, truly a spooky school.

Rosario Vampire is not the whole story however, as there is a Season 2 manga that continues it. Season 2 is much different from the first series, taking a bigger approach to the action as the plot develops. As such, this review is not representative of the full series, only the start. Rosario Vampire Season 2 itself will be given a review in the future.

This review was based off of Volume 1 though 3.

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