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Seraph of the End Review

Seraph of the End

Seraph of the End volume 1

This story, is written by Takaya Kagami and drawn by Yamato Yamamoto. Seraph of the end or Owari no seraph, is a dramatic action series with vampires, angels and demons. In this tale, we follow a young man by the name of Yuuichirou Hyakuya. Yuuichirou was “saved” by vampires at age 8 right after the Catastrophe. Also known as the virus that wiped out a majority of humanities population. His “saviors” imprisoned Yuuichirou per say and only keep him alive as a blood bag. After years of feeling like livestock, Yuuichirou and his family decide its time to escape. However, things don’t go as planned and Yuuichirou loses his family again.

Alright, you might be thinking its cliche, and your right. Seraph of the End is very much a cliche story, I mean the main characters are literally the same type of characters Ao no Exorcist. Yet, the cliche isn’t bad in this series. I will use a phrase by someone else, “Seraph of the end is like an Attack on Titan setting with Ao no Exorcist characters”. Its simply just that and its great. I’ll explain, first off we have the main character(Yuuichirou) and his group which are similar to Rin’s group. Both main characters share the same ideals and project them openly(family/friends are important). Meanwhile the setting is post apocalyptic like Attack on Titan’s, except for the titans which in here are replaced by Horsemen of John, Vampires and demons. Interesting ehh?

Seraph of the end


Ahh the beginning, something that’s always important in every series. Seraph of the end’s beginning is in my opinion, a great way to start the series. With the first page already shrouding some backstory in mystery and as you can tell, the author is drawing inspiration from the bible. Specifically Seraphs, I mean its called Seraph of the End. Anyways, whats important about the first image you might say. Well this image above gives some details about what actually happened in the world. I didn’t notice it at first but after volume one, the first page really hit me. Speaking about the first volume. There’s a lot of important information given at the beginning, especially when the children make their escape. Although I’m unsure if its intentional but the foreshadowing can be quite obvious at times.

Seraph of the end

The Characters.

Alright, Seraph of the Ends characters are either interesting or good. The main character, Yuuichirou, is the typical Shounen character. Hes an idiot who wants to keep his family together and get through everything alive. However, his backstory makes him an interesting character throughout the series. As his fate is intertwined deeply with the current disaster. Next up, the other human characters. Yuuichirou’s squad isn’t that interesting really, they don’t have much backstory and are very much predictable. Except when it comes to Guren, their superior. Guren’s character is shrouded by mystery right from volume one. I mean the dude shows up right at the start to rescue Yuuichirou. Its almost like he expected it.

Now, the vampires are my favorite characters in Seraph of the End. First of all, as vampires, they have lived past 500 years. These old ass vampires are also extremely strong, some can easily handle many soldiers at once and not even care if they killed their enemies with their swing. Another quality of the vampires in this series, they don’t have to worry about the sun. They wear rings and prevent them from burning and ohh boy do they burn without rings. Therefore, daylight and night time aren’t a factor in this series like others. Instead it serves as torture for vampires. When your immortal burning sucks. Adds a very nice touch to a society of vampires.

Seraph of the End

The Art.

Gosh, Seraph of the End has really amazing art. The world drawn by Yamato Yamamoto is amazing. Details from characters to their clothing and their weapons are so good. In addition, the backgrounds are superb and outstanding at times. I mean just look at the image above, Yamato really knows how to draw a vampires sanctuary. You can also see a bit of inspiration from some religious churches here. The uses of marble statues and paintings on the top really help add to that holier than thou feeling. Moving along from backgrounds to action. Many of the action sequences in Seraph of the end are also great. Like I said, the artist puts a lot of work into his characters and their equipment. With nothing lacking in particular, this series can be very enjoyable to view while you read.

owari no seraph


Seraph of the End was a good read for me. Yes the story is somewhat cliche but almost everything has been tried. The only important thing to me is just enjoyment. Some enjoy a series because they relate to character. Others enjoy it purely because of the story. For me, that usually depends on the story. If a story can get my interest, I usually invest a ton of time to discover all I can. Simply put, I love lore but Seraph of the End really didn’t have that. What it did have though, was a good blend of character, world and story design and I would argue that’s enough to make a story good. All it needs after that is grab the attention of the right reader, so give it a try if you haven’t.

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