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Servamp Volume 1

Servamp Volume 1

A story written and drawn by Strike Tanaka is a small twist on vampires. Servamp, unlike many other vampire series follows a different trend on how vampires drink blood. Most stories rely on the vampires being the masters and use their servants for blood. However, vampires in Servamp only serve and drink blood from their master. Think of it like having a thrall but in this case its a vampire.

Servamp begins with Mahiru finding a black cat. After taking him in and giving him the name “Kuro”(means black). Unfortunately on the following day after returning from school, he discovers a man in his house. After an attempt to chase him out of the house, the man turns back into Kuro the cat. Somehow Kuro and Mahiru’s confrontation triggers a spell and a contract is made between them, thus granting Mahiru the status of “Master” over Kuro. This is the first contract Kuro has made in over 100 years.

Its a good start for the series and sets forth a premise and brings forth questions the reader may ask. Along with questions, the series has a strong story. The vampires in the series, along with being different from others also have a certain category with them. Each vampire in this series . For example, Lust, glutony and sloth. So bear in mind each character is a personification of their appropriate sin.


The Characters

Vampires, Servamp


This series’s has some really good characters and character development. As mentioned above, each vampire that’s a servamp is a personification of a Sin. Despite being a sin they don’t always exemplify it. For example, when Mahiru is in trouble and is attacked by a vampire, Kuro takes action and protects him. However as soon as he Kuro makes a move he instantly decides its enough and they should flee. Each servamp differs from one another as they should. As Mahiru, hes a simple character. Ever since his parents died he has lived under his uncles roof and has been kind ever since. He has some good character development because of this quality and has to face a lot of tough decisions which may impact his life directly. Another thing to note about the servamps was their history. Specifically Kuro, like who was his previous master and why did he vanish for 100 years. He also doesn’t like to drink blood. A bit of mystery which can be entertaining to think about.


The Art

Servamp Kuro and Mahiru


I really enjoyed a lot of the art in the sereies as its very well done. The outlines are dark and thick but there’s a lack of background at times. Although, when the backgrounds are drawn you should expect some good stuff. The character’s are nicely drawn and some have different types of wear. There’s also some special effects surrounding the characters when they do something glamorous or weird. Like when the Servamp Lust takes his clothing off, glimmer appears around his chest(it can be kinda funny). Its all above average but there is a bad quality and its the action scenes. When action is happening, there’s really a lack of detail and the artist uses just dark black strokes to depict slashes with weapons.


There were a few issues, first off its an action series. At least that’s what it says on MAL, but there really wasn’t that much action. About 1 chapter per volume. That’s really low considering its tagged as action. Next issue was what actually happened between those chapters. Expect a whole lot of talking and a little bit of explaining. The series also progressed very slow but its the reason the characters are nicely developed. Lastly, was the villain. He didn’t come off as pure evil at all and just looked like he was all lonely(could change in the series). The series still shows promise so if your into vampire thralls with a small twist this series is it.

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