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Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins Volume 1

One of my favorite manga, The Seven Deadly Sins. Which is written and drawn by Nakaba Suzuki. Its been a while since I have reread this series and I must say, it has aged very well these past 4 years. When I first saw the anime back in 2014 when it first aired I wasn’t on ship. I still gave it a shop because of the PV and sure enough, I was hooked. Anyways, Seven Deadly Sins is a action/fantasy shounen manga. Seven Deadly sins has a large world built around demons and angels(albeit its in a small island). Along with references and characters from Arthurian Legend. So expect some names or locations from their to pop up from time to time. Like Merlin, Camelot, Arthur, Ban and well the rest of the cast really.


The tale is about a group known as “The Seven Deadly Sins”. A group that was and still is comprised of the most wanted criminals in all Britannia. For 10 years ago, they attempted to overthrow the kingdom but failed. Forward back to the present time, the kingdom once again is in peril as the current Holy Knights have staged a Coup d’etat and captured the king. Elizabeth, daughter to the king, has set out on a journey to find the Seven Deadly Sins because she hopes to enlist their help to take back the kingdom.

Very cliche story right there folks! Still, don’t worry its not as bad as it sounds and it took a long time to write that paragraph. About an hour, not my finest moment at all. Anyways, yea the story stats off really meh but don’t let this steer you away. Reason being is its unique way of turning that premise into something with more depth than meets the eye. With the Themes of Arthurian legend bundled with demons, angels and sacred treasures. This story quickly takes a turn for the better.

So who are The Seven Deadly Sins?

Seven Deadly Sins

Just as their name suggests, each member is a representation of the mortal sins. Lust, gluttony, greed, envy, wrath, pride and sloth. As for their names. Well they are all references to Arthur’s legend like Ban who was the father of Sir Lancelot. Or Merlin, the wizard and faithful companion to King Arthur. You get the idea. Although, some of them are what seems exact copies of their counterparts its not always the case. Each character has similarities to their legends like Diane who in legend was a goddess of the earth. So you might be thinking, what purpose does their name serve? That purpose is foreshadowing really and to what extent? I’m not sure because the manga is still continuing. So keep this in mind and if your familiar with the legend, because it gives you a small glimpse to their background.

The Seven Deadly Sin’s characters are all really good. First of all, I really enjoyed the fact that the main characters are wanted criminals. Which gives a good reason as to why the Princess just can’t walk into a bar and find them all there. Secondly, I also liked how they have been branded as sinners for a crime they committed. While they act normal, their personalities are direct representations for their sin as well. Like Diane, the giant who is in love with a person that’s 5 feet tall. She is envious of humans and their small stature compared to hers and feels alienated in public. Or there’s Ban the sin of greed, who literally likes to steel. However, their sin is not as petty as that and goes far deeper than just steeling from the poor or being jealous. A sin only they could have committed and can no longer atone for.

Seven Deadly Sins


As I have mentioned at the beginning, The Seven Deadly Sins manga has aged very well these past 4 years. I didn’t have any issues with the art at all, most of the action scenes were solid. Easy to follow and understand what is happening. The setting is also really well drawn. A good amount of detail goes into the world around them. As far as abilities go, there’s a good variety of skills, spells and actions involved. For example, further into the series there is a character that uses combo’s to increase their damage. Never seen that in a manga.The armor and weapons also have a good variety. Specifically the weapons more so, because they play a key role in the series for a while. I am referring to are the sacred treasures, unique to the Sins and each have their own abilities.

Since this series is quite similar to other shounen, expect a lot of destruction. Along with some emotional scenes from time to time. Oh and groping too, don’t forget the groping.

Seven Deadly Sins

Final thoughts.

As a personal favorite I have and still will continue to closely follow new releases. I haven’t mentioned issues with the series yet. Maybe its because I am a bit biased but I will try my best to point out flaws. The first that can come to mind is the cliche setting really. Overpowered heroes, meanwhile the villains are just evil to be evil. However, this really takes a turn for the better after the first major arc. Anyways, besides that is the fan service if that’s not up your alley. Lastly I guess it could be the talking animal which is used for mostly comedic relief. Although, it is very true for most of the series, our little piggy(Hawk) has his moments where he shines. So I say, give it a shot even if it seems to cliche because whats the worst that could happen?

If you happen to give it a try, you can either buy it online from amazon. Or if you prefer to read it online and so happen to have a Crunchyroll subscription then read it there. Its updated weekly and so far seems to be caught up to current chapter in Japan, 202.

Featured image source, 祝アニメ化on Pixiv.

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