Shomin Sample Review

Shomin Sample

Shomin Sample Volume 1.

In an unmarked place in Japan, hidden from even google maps we head on to Shomin Sample by Takafumi Nanatsuki, and illustrated by Risumai. This unknown place is a refuge, where the daughters of the richest go to school, away from society. It is here, that we start our story with Kimito.


The students attending this school are ignorant and oblivious to the outside world. They aren’t here of their on volition, however, as the parents of these girls are the cause. Fear of kidnapping and etc have lead them to send their girls here, cut off from the internet and society. This backfired, however, as many graduates from this school went into society only to be shocked from the change. Some even have become social recluses, hiding in their rooms and never leaving, fearing the outside world. To fight this the school has chosen one person, a commoner, to teach their students the norms of society. The chosen one is Kimito, but not of his own will.


Kimito Kagurazaka is our lead character, and a average high school student. His kidnapping and becoming a commoner sample caused him to fear for his manhood to the point of faking his sexuality. Posing as a gay young man, Kimito decides to help the naive rich girls become accustomed to society. As a new student, he helps Aika in her quest to become popular and helps the other students learn the norms of society. While Kimito has a good personality, he’ll lie to Aika to pass the time, going until discovered and beaten to a pulp.

Kimito, attracting the interest and stares of the other girls.

Aika Tenkubashi is our secondary lead, and a rich girl who’s a loner. Despite having a tsundere like personality, Aika cannot say lies and often spills the beans when under pressure or caught of guard. Aika, nicknamed Tsun-Pure by Kimito, believes anything he says, due to him knowing more of the outside world. In her quest to become popular, she established the Commoner Club, with Kimito’s help of course. Despite having help from Kimito, Aika is extremely shy causing her to back away from some plans.

Aika tricked into an embarrassing pose by Kimito.

Reiko Arisugawa is the most popular girl in class and school, and is the model student for all. Her kind nature makes it easy to approach her, and she quickly gets along with Kimito. Her innocence and curiosity makes her try to get closer to Kimito, as she wishes to learn more about Commoners intially. Due to Kimito’s constant help and his good nature outside, however, she falls in love with him after a few interactions. This love shows another side of her though, one brimming with jealousy which causes issues for her.

Reiko trying to mask her feelings from Kimito. The dense guy can’t even notice it!

Hakura Shidome is a petite girl whom is a genius. As the smartest person on campus, she even has her own lab, where she spends most of her time, though she does sneak out at times. Due to her habit of unclothing herself while in a trance, she is usually seen after a trail of her clothing. Hakura has taken a fancy to him after he treated her . Only Kimito can get her clothed again easily, and eat anything, as she has developed feelings for him.

Hakura, going into a trance.

Karen is a swordsman who has the most flashy moves, and is deathly afraid of bugs. While she is a expert in her own style of swordsmanship, she can’t do a direct hit for the life of her. She became Kimito’s servant after he defeated her with a knockdown attack, and revealed his manhood to her. Because of this, Karen is now after Kimito’s life, or so she says. She adores Hakura, often trying her best to get her attention. Since Hakura only acts close to Kimito, she also despises him for holding a monopoly on her cuteness.

Karen remembering Kimito’s ‘Eden’.

Thoughts on this series

Shomin Sample is a fun series, making me laugh every chapter. Seeing Aika tricked into another embarrassing moment by Kimito is golden. Her innocence and naivety is central to her character, and is a perfect inside look at how badly sheltered some of these girls are. Reiko is the model student, and the closest to a stereotypical rich girl in anime and manga. Haruka is the genius girl with a twist, as she seems to become a nudist while focusing on mathematics. Not exactly safe especially since she looks like a grade school student, despite being supposedly only one year younger than Kimito. Karen is a girl who seems to act without thinking, causing her to be feared for sudden, and rash acts. Overall, I found this series extremely entertaining, as it has a unique setting and good comedy. Give it a shot! It’s worth every dime.

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