Suzuka Volume 1

Suzuka is a sports/rommance story written and drawn by Kouji Seo. Filled with drama, sports, school and a little bit of ecchi, suzuka can have you hooked. It will have you rooting for Yamato from the beginning and its a very wild emotional and confusing ride. The story follows a young energetic 15 year old Yamato as he begins his new life living with his aunt in a all girls dormitory.

The story in Suzuka was somewhat well written. Very easy to follow and you can easily get an idea which direction Seo will go with the story after a few chapters. Anyways I wouldn’t call it amazing for the fact that the writing can just be annoying. Seo used a few plot devices to push Yamato and Suzuka together. For example, Yamatos childhood friend tries to get close to him but throughout the first few volumes Seo puts in these ridiculous situations that prevent that. In one particular scenario after she asks him how she looks a bug flies in his eyes and the whole conversation stops. He also uses characters to interrupt and take her away when she tries to talk to him. The story also advances really slowly which is not bad since its a romance story.

Besides the story, Seo did a okay job with character development. Its important to have strong characters in a romance story. Although, Seo didn’t seem to achieve this throughout the story. The characters are sub par and they don’t seem to stick to their goals. They backtrack and go back on their word a LOT. Don’t get me wrong, backtracking and failing to keep promises makes characters feel real. However, Seo really saturates his story with this, the characters are always undeceive. Still when it comes to Yamato, you can help but root for this guy. He goes through a lot of effort to achieve his goals but gets shut down every time. Its tough to see this guy lose all the time and he can’t catch a break.


The artwork in this series is above average and nicely done. Seo has an amazing skill at drawing backgrounds and you can get a good feel for how the dormitory looks like. He puts a ton of effort to show different angles of the rooms. There’s also a lot of different locations Seo utilizes throughout the manga. As for the character designs, they are not bad. Although Seo really did a horrible job at reusing Yamato in a certain point of the manga. I find it ridiculous that there would be someone not related to Yamato but look exactly like him and act the exact same way. He could have at least given him a similar look but with emphasize on his personality.

In conclusion I think Suzuka is a decent manga. I absolutely hated Suzuka the character and wished Yamato would have chosen some one else. The way she acted towards Yamato pissed me off. Hes not a bad guy and just wants you to accept him and wow does this take forever. Her indecisiveness really aggravated me, she would make a statement and instantly retract it. Come on you cant do that shit and Yamato you shouldn’t take that shit either. This quarrel had me reading from chapter to chapter just to see the development. I was eager to see if he would jump ship and really improve his life. So if your looking for a series with someone to hate, Suzuka might be just for you.

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