The Testament of Sister New Devil Review

The Testament of Sister New Devil Volume 1

The Testament of Sister New Devil Volume 1.

A world where heroes and demons are forever at guard, we enter into The Testament of Sister New Devil, by Uesu Tetsuto and art by Miyako Kashiwa. Here, the heroes and demons are not at war with each other, as The Demon Lord Wilberto negotiated peace. However, now that Wilberto has passed on, tensions run high as the many demon factions scramble for power to unite their people. And what better way than with show of power?


The Testament of Sister New Devil begins with Basara Tojo who lives with only his father, Jin Tojo who’s a single parent. This soon changes, however, as Jin reveals he has remarried and Basara now has two new sisters. These two are not who they seem to be however, as soon after Jin leaves, they reveal themselves as Demons. Maria, the smaller one, is a succubus, and Mio is the heir of the Demon Lord Wilberto. Trying to manipulate Basara into leaving the house, they confront him only to have Basara reveal his own secret.  Basara and his father, Jin are Heroes whom their village has exiled.

Despite starting off on a bad note, after Basara saves Mio’s life they talk about their situation. It is also revealed that Mio’s gravity power, inherited from Wilberto, is wanted by the current Demon lord. With this threat looming around her, Basara decides to protect both of them from not only the demon faction, but the heroes as well. But he can’t do it alone, so they’ll need all the allies the can get!

The Testament of Sister New Devil Characters

Basara Tojo was a hero, until being exiled from their village. He wields both the cursed sword Brynhildr and the destructive power of Banishing Shift. Basara is extremely well built, and is capable of moving faster than Maria can see or react to. Despite having overwhelming power, he does act superior to anyone, and he doesn’t use his power for anything but defense. During his time in the village, Basara used Banishing Shift to protect Yuki from someone who tried to claim Brynhildr for himself. Though he is strong, Basara isn’t all mighty and since leaving the village Basara hasn’t trained much. Due to this, Basara seems to not be at his max capacity.

Basara defending Yuki from Lars.

Mio Naruse is the daughter of Wilberto the Demon Lord, and the heir to the throne. Her Gravity powers, when shown, are extremely destructive, and can easily change the environment by just activation. Mio, until half a year before the start of the series was living as an ordinary human, Until Zolgia appeared. Zolgia killed Mio’s family before her, and was about to do the same to her before Maria appeared. Despite being in such a predicament, Mio does what she can to keep innocent bystanders out of her situation, shown when she ordered Maria to mind control Basara into leaving. After Basara saved her, she develops romantic feelings for him, and shows jealously when Yuki gets too close.

Mio’s Gravity powers unleashed, causing damage all around.


Maria Naruse our mischievously cute succubus. She is Mio’s current guardian, and the person who taught her how to fight. As a succubus, Maria loves eroticism and documents any happenings in the house with a HD camera. If anything erotic happens in the house, it’s most likely due to Maria. As the perpetrator to every nice moment between Basara and Mio, she is often disciplined by Mio. As Mio’s Retainer, Maria does what she can for Mio, as she cares deeply for her. Since Maria was Mio’s teacher, she is exceptionally strong and precise as she was able to shatter Lar’s shield instantly.

Maria and her unusual battle attire, attacking Lars.

Yuki Nonoka is Basara’s childhood friend and a hero. Yuki was the person whom Basara saved during the event that ended with his exile. She knows that Basara still suffers from that day years ago, and does not blame him for the destruction he caused. Like Mio, Yuki seems to harbor feelings for Basara, but she hides them behind her role as a hero. As a hero, she is extremely strong, and was able to easily overpower Mio in a skirmish. Her abilies where also enough to break Lars’ shield in a split second, and by slashing the same location multiple times at that.

Yuki, talking with Mio.

The Minor (but still cool) Characters

Yahiro Takigawa is a classmate of Mio, Basara and Yuki. He’s Basara’s first friend after transferring in, and keeps him company during the breaks. While he masquerades as a simple student, Yahiro is actually Lars, a demon spying on Mio. Lars is no pushover demon, as despite being surprised by the strength of Maria and Basara, his magical power easily outclasses them. He is no pushover, and after their fiasco together, they form a truce to work together and trade information.

Lars, preparing his attack against Basara.

Jin Tojo is Basara’s old man, and the strongest hero alive. He acts ignorant and childish when relaxing, but it’s just that, an act. Jin is actually quite keen and knowledgeable, as he knew of Mio and Maria’s situation without being told anything. It’s unknown why he allowed them in though. So far, Jin does not play a main part in the story after chapter 1, and only mentioned during the flash backs.

A mention to the Hero clan should be made, as they appear at the end of volume 2, and will play a part later down the line.

Thoughts on the Series

So far, I don’t dislike any character on Basara’s side, plus Lars (though he’s looking to be neutral as of now). Basara’s abilites make him seem overpowered, but he’s still human, and gets down a bit during fights. His smarts and wits are a nice welcome, as he also noticed who Lars was without beating the bush around. Another refreshing things is that Mio punishes Maria, not Basara for the perverted things that go on in the house (because they’re all due to her). Yuki is also a nice character, as she quickly realizes her contradictory mindset about Basara, and decides to stop Mio from giving herself up. Lars is a interesting villain, as while he has no qualm in attacking Basara and the others, he decides to make a truce with them.

The Testament of Sister New Devil is a good series, with a huge amount of ecchi, like A LOT. I personally don’t mind this, since it makes for some great scenes. Maria’s constant antics are both comedy relief and fan-service all in one, and are always at home, so they don’t mess up the mood of the series. There’s plenty of action, and between fan service and action, they seem to balance each other out. There is some drama lama stuff about, mostly from Mio not wanting to be a burden to Basara, and Basara’s past as well, but it’s used to continue the story and action, and it’s not a main focus.

Overall, The Testament of Sister New Devil is a great read if you want a action packed, and steamy read. Give it a shot and you wont regret it!

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