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Trinity Seven

Trinity Seven Volume 1

This harem fantasy story is written by Kenji Saitou and drawn by Akinari Nao. If your looking for a ecchi harem story filled with magic and a much more different protagonist then look no further than Trinity Seven. Unlike most harem stories where the MC is extremely shy and oblivious, the MC in Trinity seven is the opposite. Hes very open about his opinions when it comes to perverted things. For example hes never afraid to reassure people how much he loves boobs. What makes him so different as well, is that if Arata was not the main character, there would be no harem.

Now back to the story. In Trinity Seven, the story revolves around our protagonist named Arata Kasuga. At first glance, the story starts in a rather normal way. Arata wakes up, eats and showers before going to school with his cousin. However, after leaving his house Arata notices the sun changed color to black. One thing leads to another and Arata finds himself in the middle of a magic battle between Lilith and Hijiri(his cousin). In the midst of this battle, Arata discovers that hes the Magic King and Hijiri is actually his grimorie in disguise. Arata also discovers that he directly caused the black sun and created the new dimension. Learning this he manages to stop their fighting and convinces Lilith to let him join their magical school.

Trinity Seven has a really good start because of that. It presents a danger to the character(Arata) and sets a premise that his actions can directly cause damage to not only those close to him but the whole world. On top of that, the author put in a lot of work to build up the magical world he created. Using parts of the bible and sins, he creates diversity and character with his words. There does exist a problem with the story and that lies in the magic and villains. First off, Trinity Seven really lacks detail on how magic actually works. It doesn’t give a proper answer and instead says its irrational and nothing else. As for villains, all I can say is don’t expect much, its a harem after all.

The Characters.

Trinity Seven Characters

Trinity Seven in the story is a group of the seven most powerful mages. Now with that out of the way. Trinity Seven is a harem and harems aren’t known for having amazing characters because the main focus isn’t individuality. Main focus is always the harem itself. Now if the focus is individuality then its more of a romance and less a harem. Anyways, the characters are still interesting in their own respect. They have each have goals and reasons for their actions and don’t act out of character. There is some character development throughout the story that focuses a little on a few of the members of Trinity Seven.

With the Trinity Seven out of the way, lets talk about mc-kun. Arata’s character is probably the best part of the manga. Hes not afraid to be open about his opinions and as mentioned before. If Arata was not in the story then it wouldn’t be a harem. Arata’s a character that makes the harem. The Trinity didn’t like him before, no, instead he dazzled them and brought them together. Many would agree that Arata is probably one of the best harem lead characters out there. Not the best but one of the best. On another note, Arata serves as usually the center for comedy in this harem. Usually its because hes groping or exclaiming his love for breasts and usually Lilith retaliates with a slap or comeback.

The Art.

Trinity Seven

Refer to the image above. Trinity Seven’s art can be really good when it comes to depicting the world around them. That is when characters aren’t in the lime light. For when characters are in the lime light, the artist (Akinari Nao) draws very little detail in backgrounds and focuses on characters. So don’t expect amazing levels of detail in backgrounds and locations as theses images are sparse throughout the series. Now character detail is above average, the artist likes to draw funny faces and reactions on characters. Their movements are alright and there’s nothing wonky going on in the series. The ecchi scenes are also really good and expect quite a bit of fan service in the series.

Lastly, the battle scenes and weaponry are quite diverse and really well drawn. The characters have a lot of different abilities as well and that makes it much more enjoyable. Gives some life to how magic would be diverse in this world. Expect a lot of destruction in this series like buildings being destroyed or dimensions. Also, because their is more effort put into the battle scenes it could be the reason why there’s little background between action. I don’t mind this at all since its a magic genre.

Trinity Seven


I would definitely say that Trinity Seven is a good series. Its a different atmosphere in the harem genre with its strong main lead. Now that doesn’t always mean I enjoyed all of it. There were a few issues I had which really bothered me. For example, although its stated that Arata can destroy the whole world if he goes insane. Its not made clear how that would be a problem if their only job was to keep him sane. Its just loosely stated that he shouldn’t use to much magic which doesn’t say much. Now next problem is Magic King powers, it just feels like deus ex machina all day. The fact that characters besides mc can use it just to compete really lower the head masters importance. Which sucks, I want to see their master fight and wreck characters but never does because deus ex.

Bahh those are my issues but my opinions didn’t stop me from reading. I was already invested so much before I had second thoughts. Since its still incomplete there’s room for improvement. Still at the current chapter, Trinity Seven seems like its almost at its climax. So if your looking for some cool magic with harem and a somewhat op mc then check out Trinity Seven.

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